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What is ‘Black Dot’ Bug? How to fix ‘Black Dot’ Bug on iPhone?


In the recent times, a new bug that is observed on Android, Mac, and iPhone is the ‘Black Dot’ bug. But most of the people were not aware of this bug, what are the root causes of this bug and how does it impact your iPhone. Before answering all these questions let’s understand what is a ‘Black Dot’ bug at first.

‘Black Dot’ Bug on iPhone

The name itself denotes the bug is caused by a black colored dot. In the recent days, many people reported that they are receiving a message with a black colored dot bounded by left and right angular brackets “< >” either through Messages or WhatsApp.

You will receive a continuous message for twice and when you open it for the second time, it starts crashing your iPhone and hangs up Messages or WhatsApp through which you have received this message.

It is a simple text message that can hang your messenger application and even if you try to open the application after killing the running applications too, you will observe the same white screen and you will not be allowed to perform any action. Even after rebooting your iPhone, you will observe the same.


This is because of the ‘Black Dot’ impacts on CPU performance. When you click on the Black Dot that is bounded by angular braces, it affects the CPU performance and hangs up your application. Even after multiple un-backgrounds of the application, you will find the same problem. Now, let’s see the solution to this problem.

How to fix ‘Black Dot’ Bug on iPhone?

Here we had a simple solution to this problem. When you observe this problem on your iPhone, just use 3D Touch option on your iPhone. Use 3D Touch on your Messages or WhatsApp application and tap on “New Message” option. This helps to launch your messenger application and you can continue your texting.

This is the best way to resolve the ‘Black Dot’ Bug on your iPhone. Whenever you find such problem try this simple solution and also share this tip with your friends.

Originally posted 2018-05-13 10:09:17.