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What is HDMI Port | How to connect Laptop, Mobile, TV or PC using HDMI

HDMI cable MAC and TV

What is HDMI port?

Have you ever tried connecting laptop to TV? Do you know what kinds of models of TV are capable for incorporating this kind of connection? In the recent days, there are many smart TVS and home theater systems which were released into the market. This TVs are capable of connecting any device to the display screen. The term any device can refer to the respective compatible devices which were listed in the TV specifications. Before going in detail about this, first of all let’s see what an HDMI is. The acronym for HDMI is “High Definition Multimedia Interface” which acts as an interface for transferring data to the HDMI compatible source such as a TV, Monitor or any display controller. It can transfer data such as compressed as well as uncompressed audio files and compressed video files. It can also be called as replacement of analog video standards as it in turn follows digital video standards.

Connect using HDMI port:

It is very simple to connect a compatible device to the TV or any computer screen. You just need to get the HDMI cables based on their type, length and complexity with respect to the home display screen. You can connect the components like Laptop, Internet connector, Play station etc… with the help of this HDM Interface cables. Click on the Finding right cable in order to find the cable that suits the component and the display screen. From the above URL you can get the HDM Interface cable types that are available as well as to know the one’s which are compatible with the display screen.

HDMI cable connect MAC and TV

Let’s see try this with a laptop. Now let’s see how we are connecting laptop to TV using a HDM Interface cable. Turn on your laptop and turn your TV as well. Now get a HDM Interface cable that is compatible with the TV and laptop and which is of longer length. You can find the slots for the HDMI cable at the back side or side bar of the TV connect the one end of the cable to the TV slot and the other end to the laptop slot. Once the connection is established properly the current display screen of laptop appears on the TV screen. You can even operate the actions on the TV screen which are projected from the laptop screen with the help of remote that is provided along with the smart TV. Similarly you can connect the components (Laptop, PC, TV, Mobile, Projector, Monitor screens and etc) to the other display screens. This is how you can connect components to the display screen with the help of this HDM Interface cable.


Originally posted 2015-04-17 18:47:46.