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What is Force Touch? | 3D Touch suported apps for iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus

Force Touch for iPhone 6s

What is Apple’s Force Touch for iPhone?

Apple innovative center introduced Force Touch/ 3D Touch in mobile phones. Recently released iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus supports this Force Touch feature. Usually you perform many operations on your iPhone screen like tap, double tap, pinch, drag and etc. This is another type of control functionality to support multiple touch feature in iPhone. Force Touch is also an interactive operation which makes an iPhone to respond with some special interactions on Forcefully Touching the iPhone screen.

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How Force Touch/ 3D Touch works on iPhone 6S?

As it is a newly introduced feature in iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus and iOS 9, very few iPhone users knew about this feature. And so many want to how it works. If you want to see pop up window with prioritized menu options of a particular app, then use this Force Touch/ 3D Touch control. If you apply force touch control on iOS apps then those apps will shows a pop up with some options. By tapping on that menu item it will opens the app and redirects to that particular menu item‘s view. In case if you don’t want to select any menu item after pop up appeared, then just tap outside of the menu items then the pop up will be closed.

Force Touch on Instagram

If you want to see this feature instead of normal tapping on the screen, touch and hold the screen a little forcefully than simple tapping. Then you will see a pop up and lift the finger up now. After a pop up appearing on the screen, tap any menu item on that particular menu, then you will be redirected to the particular view.

This Force Touch option works on many of the iOS default apps like messages, siri, photos, face time and etc.

Force Touch supported apps | 3D Touch supported apps:

Many of  iOS 9 default apps are compatible with Force Touch feature on iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus. Messages, Photos, Safari etc supports 3D Touch functionality. For example if you opened any photo on iPhone and perform 3D Touch on the photo at any part of the photo, then the particular part will be zoom out as a pop up. Tis zooming function newly available with Force Touch.

News 360 3D Touch app

Apart from the iOS 9 default apps, Some other apps also supporting this feature. They modified the apps to support this feature. Some of those apps are free apps and some other apps are not free.

Twitter, We Chat, Instagram, Shazam, Pinterest an Open Table are few free apps that supports Force Touch feature. And the paid apps those are supporting this feature are Blue Apron, WorkFlow, iMovie, Camera+, LaunchCenter pro, News 360 and AG Drive.

Enjoy the ForceTouch feature with these apps until others also support this 3D Touch feature in their apps.


Originally posted 2015-10-27 20:38:04.