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Blue Screen View

The Blue Screen of Death view is nothing but an error screen displayed after a fatal system error. The Blue Screen of Death also called as Stop Error or Bug Check Screen or Blue Screen or Blue Screen of Doom or BSoD or Stop Screen on or , iOS devices. You can easily fix it with few simple steps. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

What is Blue Screen of Death on iPhone, iPad:

Blue Screen of Death view caused due to the poorly written device drivers or hardware malfunctioning like faulty memory, overheating of components, power supply issues or when the equipment runs beyond its specifications limits. BlueScreen or Black Screen can be fixed easily but screen damages happened to iOS devices need a huge amount to fix. Use Screen protectors for iPhone is just $7.99 check it at Amazon.

A large number of iPhone/iPad users has complained that they have observed a Blue Screen of Death view (BSOD) while using certain apps and it launches into a reboot. The Blue-Screen of Death on iPhone, iPad appeared primarily while using Apple’s Numbers, Pages or Keynote apps. Few people have also observed it while using Camera, FaceTime, Safari and any other apps.

Examples where we find BlueScreen of Death view

Let’s see few examples where we find BlueScreen of Death view.

Example 1:

  • Copy any text from the Pages app for your iPhone/iPad and un-background the application.
  • Now, press the home button twice so that you can see the available running applications.
  • We can observe the Blue Screen of Death view when the Pages app selected from the running applications.

Example 2:

  • The second example, where users have found Blue-Screen of Death on iPhone, iPad is when we press the power button after opening a document in Numbers.

Example 3:

  • The third example, where users observed the Blue Screen of Death view is when tried to paste the text in an email after copying it from Notes app.
  • And also, with the recent update of iOS 8 users has observed troubles with some battery-drain issues and iMessages.

Blue Screen of death fix BlueScreen of death fix

How to recover iPhone, iPad from Blue Screen of Death fix:

You may find the Blue Screen of Death view while using Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Safari and Camera or any other apps. In the examples mentioned above or any other cases just follow the below procedure if you observe the BlueScreen of Death view.

  • When you find the Blue Screen of Death on iPad/ iPhone, immediately press and hold power and home icon for few seconds to reset the iPhone/iPad.
  • The reset process gets started on your iPhone/iPad, and an Apple icon will be displayed on the launch screen after the hard reset.
  • To restart it in safe mode press the volume button for few seconds.
  • Now, the iPhone/iPad gets re-started in safe mode and gets recovered from the Blue Screen of Death view.

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