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What is Apple iPhone 7 Lightning Headphones jack for USB C Port Rumors

Lightning Headphones for iPhone 7 pro

What is Apple’s Lightning iPhone? Rumors on Lightning Headphones:

Apple rumors about iPhone’s Lightning Headphones port are spreading all over the world. Then what is lightning iPhone 7? What is Apple planning to implement in its new iPhone 7? As we all heard about the remove of 3.5mm Jack from upcoming iPhone, Apple is planning to remove its iPhone’s 3.5mm jack. 90% of people believed that the 3.5mm jack is no more for future iPhones.

Intel is also trying to remove 3.5mm headphone jack from smartphones. 3.5 mm headphone jack has many years of existence. Intel planned to eliminate this unnecessary port from the smartphones and wanted to change the look of smartphones.

What is iPhone 7 Lightning Port (USB C port)?

If iPhone removes 3.5mm headphone jack from its upcoming iPhone, then what’s next? How to connect headphones to iPhone 7 if the 3.5mm jack has withdrawn from its upcoming devices?

Apple rumors are saying that the next iPhone models may connect with headphones using either Bluetooth or using USB C port. Intel already started developing Lightning headphones.

iPhone 7 Lightning headphones

Apple is also planning to use Lightning USB C port. Through this Lightning USB C port, the new Intel’s headphones can also connect to it. And connecting headphones using Bluetooth is not a new thing, so Apple will use USB C port which is known as iPhone7 Lightning Port.

What is Apple iPhone 7 Lightning Headphones?

The boom of Lightning Headphones is going to double with iPhone’s Lightning USB. Intel is going to develop lightning headphones for smartphones. Lightning headphones use USB C port of smartphone or iPhone to connect. Then the use of 3.5mm jack is nothing so that smartphones can remove it in future smartphones.

Apart from this Intel is also planning to implement multiple features for Lightning headphones. These headphones are the next generation headphones. Soon Intel’s Lightning thought will replace the 3.5mm jack with Lightning USB C port.

Lightning USB C port iphone 7 rumors

Audio replacement may be from Analog to Digital in new Lightning iPhones. This digital audio will reduce the unnecessary noise from the audio and increases audio clarity.

These are the fast spreading Apple rumors on iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus/ iPhone 7 Pro iOS devices of having the Lightning technology. These Lightning USBs, Lightning Ports, Lightning Adapters, and Lightning Headphones will be the future trending smartphone technology.

So these rumors are going to end soon with the release of the new iPhone 7 iOS device. If these features available in new iPhone then the iPhone lovers going to experience the new iPhone features.

Originally posted 2016-06-08 00:57:31.