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What is an UDID? How to retrieve UDID of an iPhone, iPad or iOS device

How to retrieve UDID of an iPhone or iPad or iOS device?

In general for each and every device will have a unique id to distinguish it from others. Similarly we do have a unique identifier for iOS devices. Each and every iOS device is identified uniquely with its UD ID. Now let’s see what an UD ID is? , what is the purpose of it? , how to retrieve the UD ID of an iOS device?

What is UD ID and Purpose of it?

Apple developers have assigned a unique id for each and every iOS device to distinguish it from other devices and this id is called as UD ID. The acronym for UD ID is Unique Device Identifier. It is a kind of 40-character string which comprises of numerical and alphabetical characters. And, it is assigned to all the iOS devices like iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

How to retrieve UD ID of an iOS device?

Retrieve UDID on iTunes

You can retrieve the UD ID of any iOS device like iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in two ways. One is through iTunes and the other is through third-party applications. Firstly, let’s go with the procedure of iTunes. Connect your iOS device to PC through an USB cable and launch iTunes on your machine. From the iTunes window, click on the device icon which is located at the top left corner of the window in order to view the device details. Click on the Serial Number text, in order to find the further options available. Now, you can find the UD ID option, where the UD ID of the device is displayed beside this text. Just, right click on the 40-character string to view the Copy option. Copy the whole string and you can use it for further usage.

ud id retriever

The other alternative way to retrieve the UD ID is using any third party application like UDID Retriever. Install this application on your device and launch it. You can find the details from the main screen of the application. This is how you can retrieve the Unique Device Identifier.


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