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WebMD download, installation for Mac, iPad, iPhone | Using WebMD app

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What is WebMD for iPhone, iPad min, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac PC ?

WebMD is an American corp. which provides information such as health news, advice from experts.  The WebMD for iOS devices provides the content which is reviewed by physicians and also provides health related information with the interactive tools on demand basis. It also features Healthy targets which is an innovative health program that helps to create and maintain healthy habits to improve health conditions. By connecting to an activity tracker, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, or on the wireless scale you can view all your information in one location and can also receive contextual insights from Web MD services. In addition, it also allows you to use the Health Kit in order to sync with Apple Health app which is provided default in iOS 8 devices.

The WebMD app is optimized well for iPhone 5 and is compatible with the iOS devices including iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. And these devices must have iOS 7.0 or later versions installed on them.

Download and Install WebMD app for iPod touch, PC, iPad, Mac and iPhone:
You can download and install the WebMD app on any of the compatible iOS devices with a single tap on Get button and then on Install button to begin the downloading progress from App Store. Use a valid Apple ID while installing the app on your device.

You can also download and install the app on Mac or PC and feel like working on a real device by installing a simulator on your machine. Install a simulator like iPadian or BlueStacks where you can directly install the app from iTunes.

How to use WebMD app?

webMD for iPhone, Mac PC, iPad

Launch the app on your device and create your own profile by providing the necessary details. Use the WebMD Health Tools such as Symptom Checker, Conditions, Medicine, First Aid Information, Local Health Listings, Medical Terms and Tests & Procedures etc…  The Symptom Checker helps you to specify the part of body that troubles you and select the symptoms and know more about the problem. The Medicine tab helps to search for information related to drugs, vitamins and supplements from the available extensive database. Also know the side effects that are caused when a certain medicine is used.  Use the First Aid Essentials tab to guide you in case of emergency. Also find the closest hospital, pharmacy or physician nearby your location with the help of Local Health Listings tab. Maintain all your health related information for example, blood pressure etc… under the Health Target and maintain a weekly basis health habits report.


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