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Watch OS operating system for Apple Watch | Features of Watch OS

Watch OS for apple watch features

Features of Watch OS:

For the users who didn’t ever hear the term Watch OS or want to know more about it, this article can better guide them.  So, what is Watch OS? It is nothing but an operating system that runs on iWatch. Apple has recently released the iWatch with the WatchOS as its operating system into the market. The sales of this device are far ahead and people are still trying to pre-order it as it is available in limited number and due its craze.

This WatchOS which runs on the Apple Watch was based on the iOS 8 features. It has many added advantages of the hardware and provides most of the applications. It syncs with your iPhone and provides most of the functionalities that are available in iPhone. We can also say that it was majorly under the control or it is operated majorly by iPhone. It uses few hardware and software functionalities like Heart rate sensor and accelerometer to run applications like Workout and Activity.

Watch OS for apple watch features

As said earlier it uses mostly iPhone, it gains notifications from iPhone and displays them on your iWatch screen. It has also few animated emoctions, sketches and many more which are available with Watch OS. It acts as a mini iPhone and is portable to anywhere. It is even customized to provide color effects to your screen and also provides most of the iOS 8 features

This Watch OS was designed in such a way that it provides most of the features that are available in iPhone. In few cases we can also say that it can work more effectively than an iPhone. The WatchOS is capable of analyzing the heart beat rate using sensors. In incorporates software to the hardware and provides all the major functionalities. You can view all these features on an iWatch with the help of Watch OS.


Originally posted 2015-07-26 19:35:59.