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Free vShare Download Android/Apple Apps for iPhone/iPad/iOS

vShare Download Android Apple apps free

We have brought you an interesting feature for the iOS lovers. In general, on an iOS/ Android device, we only download the apps or games which are available from the Market Stores App Store/ Play Store. Now let’s explore how to download any app/game from vShare for free using vShare Store. Check for vShare Download Apple/ Android devices.

vShare Download Apple

How do we download the games which are not available in App Store? The solution to the problem is quite simple. It is made easy with the vShare Download Apple. With the vShare Download, No Jailbreak required, and you can download your desired app or games directly from the vShare app.

You need not log in to your Apple ID each time you download an app. You can get the apps and games downloaded directly from the vShare app for free. This app is completely safe to use, and its excellent UI makes you comfortable in usage.

Steps to Download vShare for Apple iPhone

To carry out vShare Download Apple, follow the below steps carefully:

  • Switch to your Safari Browser and navigate to vshare.com website on an Apple device having 9.0 or later versions of iOS.
  • Now tap on “Download (un-jailbroken)” button from the left-hand side of the page if you are using a non-jailbroken iOS device.
  • Now, from the pop-up generated tap on “Install” button.

vShare download apple android

Once the app gets installed on your mobile, the next step you need to perform is adding the profile.

  • Now, navigate to Settings -> General -> Profile and click on Trust button beside the profile name of the vShare app.
  • You can only launch the app when trust this on, or else the app was not allowed to perform any actions on your device. So, never forget to trust the profile after installing the app which has downloaded from third-party sources.

It is how you can perform vShare Download Apple. Try this and enjoy using the apps for free with no restrictions.

vShare Download for Android

Similar to iOS, vShare was also developed for Android to make the best games available for the Android users. You can find all the latest and best games from the vShare market with a single download. Before we get into how to perform vShare Download Android, let’s have a glance at more details on the vShare app for Android devices.

With the vShare Download Android, it is simple to download and install the best games on your mobile. You need not log in or signup into an account to get the apps downloaded and installed on your android mobile. The apps and games sorted in an order such that it becomes easy for the users to get the games downloaded and installed on your mobile.

When you start searching for an app in general, you will find multiple junk apps related to it. But with the vShare app, you can only locate the app that best relates to your search, and no junk apps will be displayed. For example, you can find the hit applications like “Pokemon Go“;  “Archery King” and “Fantastic Beasts” etc. directly from the vShare market.

Steps to Download vShare for Android

Now, let’s get into the procedure of vShare Download Android.

  • You can download the vShare app directly from Play Store by entering the text as vShare Market – New Games.
  • Hit the Install button from the app details view.


  • You can download the vShare app from your PC to your mobile by clicking the Install button on vShare Download from PC URL.
  • Download the app on your mobile and enjoy installing games from the vShare market.

Originally posted 2016-12-27 23:12:18.