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Virtual Private Network for Mac OS X | Setup and Use VPN on Mac OS X

connect vpn on mac

How to setup VPN on Mac OS X:

What’s a VPN is? A VPN is nothing but a Virtual Private Network where user is capable to access the private network within their public network or local network. In order to connect to VPN we need to setup few pre-requisites. Let’s see in detail how to setup VPN on Mac OS X.

Launch the System Preferences on your Mac machine and from the System Preferences window choose the Network option in order to setup VPN on Mac OS X. Click on the Network option to navigate to the Network window. If your machine is protected with a password, then you need to click on the Lock icon which is at the bottom left corner of the window. Now, click the + (Add) icon to add a network.  When you click on the ‘+’ icon a Network interface pop-up appears on the screen. Choose VPN option from the Interface dropdown options by clicking on the dropdown icon beside the Interface field.

Setup VPN on Mac

Here we have three types of VPN, i.e., L2TP over IPSec (it is an extension of the point-to-point tunneling protocol which is used by the internet service), PPTP (it allows the corporations to extend their own corporate network over the public network through private tunnels) and Cisco IPSec (the Internet Security protocol with set of security protocols). Now choose the VPN Type and Service name and click on Create button. From the configuration settings window enter the Server Address, Account Name and Password. Don’t click the Connect button immediately. We have few more additional settings to be added.

VPN on Mac OS X

Click the Authentication Settings button and from the pop-up window choose either Shared Secret or Certificate radio buttons. Choose any of the machine authentication options and enter the Group Name. Finally click on the Ok button to save the Authentication settings. Before, you click on the Connect button click on the Apply button to save the changes; if not previously existing settings will be applied when you try to connect to the network. Save all the settings by clicking on Apply button and click on the Connect button to connect to the private network. Choose the Show VPN Status in menu bar option to find the VPN status icon in the menu to connect to the network easily.

You can also remove the existing VPN configuration by choosing the VPN network connection service among the network connections list and by clicking on the – (Remove) icon. This is how you can setup or remove VPN on Mac OS X.


Originally posted 2015-03-27 12:37:06.