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Upgrading to Latest iOS? Know about Disabled Microphone issue on iPhone

upgrade to latest ios disabled microphone issues

As per the latest rumors and complaints are given by few of the customers, it illustrates that when we upgrade to latest iOS it may disable microphone on your iPhone while making calls and even though you speak it doesn’t reach the other person. Let’s get into complete details of the issue and what are the suggested solutions by Apple.

This problem is reported by very few of the customers as of now and Apple started troubleshooting the issue. As it is not observed by all the customers it may take time to analyze the root cause and fix the issue. Coming to the problem, few customers reported that when making calls suddenly the speaker button gets grayed-out and here after your microphone also gets disabled and neither you can hear nor the other person can hear what you are speaking. This is a major problem in case if emergencies as we couldn’t convey the text to the other person.

This issue is not observed on the existing iOS but only on iOS 11.3 or if other latest versions beyond it. Once you upgrade to latest iOS, it may disable microphone on your iPhone and you cannot even repair self by basic steps like reboot or hard reset. The only solution is you need to run to a service center. Now, next look what is the solution provided by Apple for the service center technician.

Disable microphone issue on iphone

Apple asks the service center technicians to first detect the problem root cause. This is done by knowing the details from the customers whether the issue is observed when connected to any audio devices using Bluetooth or any other audio devices connected to iPhone.

Now, inspection begins, it asks the technicians to run the diagnosis and if the grayed out speaker is shown during this time when connected to an audio device, it asks them to display messages like “accessory not supported” or “device couldn’t detect dock” alert during the diagnosis. If it is observed during audio device diagnosis Apple suggests the service technicians fix the problem and if it is not observed in such case then Apple realizes that it is the latest iOS issue and the service technicians begin to fix the problem.

And, Apple didn’t even confirm the root cause of the problem and cost of service at free cost is also not mentioned anywhere. With the next version of iOS, Apple may come up the fix for this problem. But before that keep in mind, when you upgrade to latest iOS, it may disable microphone on your iPhone. So, keep an eye on the upcoming iOS that brings up solution for this problem.

Originally posted 2018-06-06 12:39:19.