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Upgrade iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to Latest iOS beta version of iOS 9

iOS 9 beta upgrade

How to upgrade to Latest iOS Beta versions of iOS 9?

Upgrading to the beta versions of OS has become simpler these days. The only basic necessity that is required is, you must have the developer account. If you do not have any developer account, you can create it wit in a span of time. Just register yourself in apple website by navigating to Apple Developer Account Creation.

Once you are done with creation of developer account, login to the account with Developer credentials and follow the below procedure to upgrade to the latest Beta version of iOS 9.

  • Navigate to the url : Developer Center for iOS.
  • Login : sample@yahoo.com password:  iOSbeta9
  • Here you will find two tabs. One with the latest iOS version that is available in the market and the other with the Beta version of latest iOS 9.
  • Now, click on the new beta version available (i.e., latest iOS 9 beta) and click on Download button beside it.
    latest iOS beta of iOS 9


  • From the Download window click on iOS 9 Pre-release option and those who are having Apple Developer Program Membership can only download this beta version.
  • Now, scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the list of compatible devices for the latest iOS 9
  • Choose your device that you want to upgrade to the latest iOS and make a note of the model number of your device (say : A1429 for iPhone 5s which can be seen on the back side of the device)
  • Click on the device name link with the model number which is available with you from the compatible devices list in the developer page (List of devices that supports latest iOS 9 beta)
  • A zip file related to device gets downloaded and you need to un-zip the file


  • When, you try to un-zip the file you will get an ipsw file with a name that specifies the device name
  • Now, Connect the device to your system and also make sure that iTunes is installed in your machine
  • Open iTunes window and click on the device that you have connected to your machine in iTunes.
  • Click on windows button +shift button and Restore device option in iTunes all at a time.
  • If you were logged in with an iCloud account in your device, sign out of the account in device and continue the below procedure.
  • Now, you will be provided with a path to select ipsw file which is available from the unzipped folder
  • Open the ipsw file from the path and your iOS version gets upgraded in iTunes
  • Extracting status will be shown in iTunes. You will come across different status which is shown in the following screenshots.
  • At first, Extracting software status will be shown … and then Preparing device for restore status will be shown. Click on ‘Apply’ button to apply the changes
  • Secondly, Waiting for device status will be shown and then Verifying device for restore will be shown
  • Thirdly, restoring device software status will be shown and then verifying device software status will be shown
  • Fourthly, verifying device restore status will be shown and then restoring device firmware status will be shown
  • Finally, alert message will be shown just click on ‘OK’ button and then you will find accessing iTunes Store status is shown
  • Later on verification and installation  of latest iOS beta will be done on your device successfully.
  • You will asked to choose the Wi-Fi address / iCloud service/etc..
  • Once it finishes installing all the software for latest iOS, you will be provided with two options. Whether to ‘Setup as a new device’ or ‘Back up from this device’ from iTunes and choose your desired option.
  • Your device will be re-started (Don’t worry while your device is getting re-started).
  • Now, you will be asked to accept ‘Terms and Conditions’ etc… and at last, tap on ‘Get Started’ button.
  • Finally your device is ready to use with the latest iOS beta version i.e., iOS 9


Originally posted 2015-06-12 22:10:08.