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Turn ON WiFi on iPhone or iPad using Wi Fi Settings or Control Center

How to turn on WiFi on iPhone or iPad? 

Have you got a new iPhone or might using iPhone or iPad for the first time? This article helps you out in setting your Wi-Fi settings. Let’s have a look of enabling WiFi settings on iPhone or iPad.

From the home screen of iPhone or iPad or even iPod Touch, swipe between the pages until you find Settings application. Tap on the Settings application and navigate to the Settings page. Here, you can find the WiFi option from the top listing itself.  Tap on Wi-Fi option and navigate to WiFi settings page.

Turn ON WiFi on iPhone or iPad using Wi Fi Settings or Control Center:

turn on wifi

Now, you will be navigated to the Wi-Fi Networks page, turn on WiFi toggle button and scan for the networks in the nearby range. If you want to add a network, tap on the ‘Other’ option and add a network by providing the necessary details like IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router, and DNS etc… And, if you want to discard the network tap on ‘Forget this Network’ button.

If you want to connect to any of the existing network, tap on the existing network and connect to it by providing the password if any exists. If you want to change the settings of an existing network tap on the ‘I’ icon beside the network name and change the necessary settings.

And, in case if you want to turn off the Wi-Fi network, just disable the toggle button beside it. You can also turn on or off the Wi-Fi settings from Control Center. Swipe up from bottom of the screen to view the ‘Control Center’ options. Tap on the WiFi network option to turn on wifi or turn off wifi. This is how you can manage networks on iPhone or iPad.


Originally posted 2015-09-09 19:44:06.