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Turn ON or OFF Cellular data (2G or 3G or 4G) on iPhone or iPad

Turn On Off iPhone cellular data

How to manage Cellular data settings? 

As we all know that cellular data is more crucial in the modern environment. By accessing to the carrier data, you can sync your emails, social networking apps, browse data and can also work on other applications which requires internet. Even though now-a-days most of the people are using Wi-Fi to access internet, there are cases where you can’t find Wi-Fi connection or having issues in Wi-Fi connection. In such cases you can use the cellular data to access internet and carry out your works properly without any obstacles.

How to turn on/ off carrier data settings on iPhone/ iPad?

Now, let’s see how to turn on/off cellular data settings on iPhone or iPad. While designing the iPhone’s or iPad’s Apple has provided the option of Cellular data in-built in its devices. But only the specific devices for which this option is available can use this service. Whenever you had a new purchase of iPhone or iPad make sure that Cellular Data option is available on your device or not. If so you had a iOS device which facilitates the Carrier data service, launch Settings application on your device.

Turn ON or OFF Cellular data (2G or 3G or 4G) on iPhone or iPad

Navigate to the Settings application and scroll down to find Cellular option. Tap on Cellular disclosure icon and navigate to its respective settings page. Here you can find lot of options. To enable cellular data, turn on the Cellular Data toggle button. When you turn this option on, you can find ‘Personal Hotspot’ option, which you can use this service only if you enable cellular data on your device. You can even enable or disable the applications which are going to use the internet service and if don’t want all the applications to use internet service turn off the toggle button besides those applications.

Enable 4G Cellular Data

You can enable or disable the 3G or 4G network from the Carrier data settings page irrespective of the state of Cellular Data i.e., without having any kind of dependency on it, you can choose the network type. You can opt for the ‘Data Roaming’ option from the settings page. Along with these options you can even see the data usage. Depending on the amount of data used by you a statistics is calculate and the data usage currently and during roaming can be seen in terms of bytes. These are various options available in Cellular settings and refer the above ways to check how to enable /disable various options.


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