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Trello app download for Mac PC | Install N Use Trello on iPad, iPhone

trelo app

What is Trello app meant for Mac, Window, PC, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS devices?
Trello is a free project management application which was developed by Fog Creek Software. It can be used for organizing projects like Kanban in Agile Methodology. You can even organize your personal by categorizing them into different categories.  You can organize anything, and this app makes them together on board.

Using as well as flexible is simple. With the well-organized boards, you can easily understand whats to done next. You can even sync the things on other devices with the iCloud service up to date. It organizes boards in a fashioned way and is available only in the English language.

The Trello app requires iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices with iOS 7.0 or later versions of operating system installed on it and optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices especially.

Download and Install Trello app on Mac, PC, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone:
In the case of Mac or PC machines, you can download and install this app by installing a simulator on your computer. The simulator is the one which acts as a real device and using iTunes you can install the app on your computer.

You can install simulators like BlueStacks or iPadian where it supports the installation of apps in an easier way. Or even you can use this app from web-services by clicking on Trello URL.

You can simply download and install this app for free on iOS devices from App Store using an Apple ID. Register with an Apple ID on your device and search for the app. Tap on the Trello app from the search results and begin the installation by tapping on ‘Get’ button followed by Install button.

How to use Trello app?

Trello App download for mac windows pc iphone ipad

Launch the application and sign up/sign in with a Trello account. Tap on New Board option to create a new board. Provide title and organization details to the Trello App Board so that you can organize them into separate categories. Now add lists into the board by tapping on Add a list… option.

Under the list, you can add cards, and you can add as many numbers of cards that you want. Tap on Add a card to add a card and even you can re-arrange them. You can also drag and drop the cards from one list to the other. Share the boards with your friends, colleagues or family members and arrange a board where all the people can add their lists or cards under a single board.

You can even assign cards to people as tasks. Change your profile, cards details, etc… from the Settings tab. Enjoy working with this app and of sure it helps you a lot in all of your activities.


source: Trello App

Originally posted 2015-02-17 20:32:22.