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Track Cellular data usage on iPhone and iPad | carrier data usage

track data usage on iOS

Track your carrier’s daily and monthly cellular data usage on iOS devices iPad and iPhone

What is Data Usage?

Do you have a smartphone? Then you must have to know that what is data usage and how to track your carrier data usage. If you use web or internet or wap then some amount of data transactions will take place. Either you upload data to internet or you download data from internet. Every carrier charges you to provide internet access to your device. Data usage is the total amount of data that you uploaded to the web (requesting an URL, uploading images, uploading videos etc.) and the data that you downloaded from the web. The data usage is measured in kb (Kilobytes), mb (Megabytes) and gb (Gigabytes).

Tracking Data Usage:

Is it really necessary to track your mobile data usage? Yes it is necessary to track data usage to avoid extra bill payments. The carriers will provide you with limited amount of data based on your package. After completion of the package data, you have to pay extra bill for the data that used excessively. For example T Mobile, AT&T, Netflix and Verizon providing data packages. They provides data packages based on the amount that you wish to buy.  If you exceed T Mobile data usage limit or ATT data usage limit or Netflix data usage limit then they will list the extra amount in bill based on the extra cellular data usage. So it is necessary to check your usage of cellular data.

How to track cellular data usage on iOS device?

Cellular data used in iPhone can be track using the system application. In settings go to Cellular and then go to Cellular Data Usage to check data used on iPhone. It has a problem in showing accurate data used and it shows usage details irrespective of the billing period, it tracks usage of data from reset to reset period. So better to choose another approach to check usage of data.

cellular data usage

In an iPad it shows billing cycle and the data used correctly. To check current bill cycle data usage navigate to Settings then go to Cellular and finally View Account. There it will show the data that is used in current bill cycle.

Many carrier providers have their own apps to show the accurate bills, bill cycles and data used in the current bill cycle. Verizon has an app named My Verizon Mobile , T Mobile has an app named T-Mobile my Account and ATT Mobile has an app named myAT&T to track the usage of their carrier data. You can use apps according to your data provider networks. And also there are many free and paid apps to track data usage in your iOS device. For example there is a paid app DataMan Next to track usage of any carrier data.

There are also some family plans like Verizon data family plan, ATT data family plan and T-Mobile data family plan etc. By using the above mentioned apps you can also track the family data plans and you can set reminders on reaching a certain limit. These notifications alerts you to limit your usage of internet on your iOS device to reduce the bill amount.


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