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Tips and Tricks for Apple iPhone X


We had listed out few simple tips and tricks for Apple iPhone X which are helpful for your day to day activities. Let’s have a glance of them.

Turn on Siri:

On older iPhones, we can turn on Siri using the Home button but we don’t have Home button on iPhone X. To turn on Siri on your latest iPhone just press and hold “Power” button.

Battery Percentage:

To view battery percentage, scroll from the top of the screen to view Control Center, such that you will find battery percentage preceding battery level icon.

Un-background applications:

To un-background applications, swipe up from the bottom and give a pause, you will find the running applications on the screen. Press and hold on any application that you want to un-background from running applications and click on “Delete” icon that appears on every application.

Switch to Home Screen:

To switch to Home screen from any application window just swipe up from the bottom the application, you will be switched to Home screen.

Turn-on the flashlight:

From the lock screen perform 3D Touch on the torch option to turn on the flashlight and perform the same to turn off the flashlight.

Camera options:

To view camera options apart from clicking on camera icon, open Control Center and tap on the Camera icon to find the camera options available like “Take Selfie”, “Record Video”, “Record Slo-mo” and Take Portrait”.

Customize Controls:

To customize control center options, switch to Settings and choose “Control Center” option. Now, tap on “Customize” option and choose the desired settings that you need to appear on the control center options.

Screen Recording:

To record the screen, press and hold the double circled icon from the Control Center options (if you don’t find the icon choose it from control center options) and choose “Start Recording” option. You can even turn on/off microphone during recording. Once done with recording tap on “Stop Recording” option and the recording gets saved to your videos.

Power off:

You can now also find “Power off” and “Emergency SOS” options from iPhone X screen by pressing and holding volume down and power buttons for few seconds at the same time.

Take Screenshot:

To take screenshot press and hold slightly the volume up and power buttons for very few seconds.

Recording Quality:

From Settings-> Camera -> Record Video and change the recording quality to your desired level and even you can lock camera from the same screen.

Originally posted 2018-05-26 23:52:46.