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TinyUmbrella DOWNLOAD for MAC OS X, WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit)

Download tinyumbrella for ios 8 9 10

We generally have the option to upgrade of latest iOS whenever there is the latest version of iOS released into the market, but Apple doesn’t provide the facility to downgrade iOS to any old version or restore its original version. Sometimes, you may come across situations where you have to restore your iOS or downgrade to any older versions. At that moment you can use TinyUmbrella to downgrade iOS version.

Tiny Umbrella software can be downloaded and installed on Mac and Windows 64bit or 32bit Operating systems. UsSe this software to downgrade iOS to its older versions like iOS 8.3 or iOS 9 or iOS 9.x etc.

How to perform TinyUmbrella fix recovery?

With TinyUmbrella download on Mac and Windows, you can get this done in simple steps as mentioned below. You can perform TinyUmbrella fix recovery by downloading the software on your Windows or Mac machine and by saving SHSH Blobs on your machine.

Earlier due to Apple restrictions, TinyUmbrella has only supported till iOS 6.X and with the latest update, it is capable enough to support iOS 9.x or latest iOS versions.

How to download TinyUmbrella? What is this SHSH Blob? How to use TinyUmbrella? Let’s answer all these questions one by one.

How to perform TinyUmbrella Download?

You can download TinyUmbrella on Windows and Mac from the following links.

TinyUmbrella MAC OS X Download

You can get this downloaded on MAC machine in two different specifications based on your system specifications. One is with OSX App Only and the other is OSX Installer.

Click on OSX App Only or OSX Installer to download relevant dmg files. By clicking on these links the dmg software gets downloaded on your machine, run the file to get the software installed on your machine.

TinyUmbrella Windows 7/8/10 Download

Now let’s see how to get this downloaded on Windows machine. Based on your system specifications like 32 bit or 64 bit, you can get this downloaded.

Click on Win x86 Installer or Win x64 Installer to download the relevant .exe file. By clicking on these links the software gets automatically downloaded on your machine, run the file to get the software installed.

You can install the same software on Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10. But download respective 32/64 bit software based on your Windows version.

What is SHSH Blob?

An SHSH blob which is also known as ECID SHSH is a piece of data that is part of Apple’s Digital signature. This helps to perform iOS updates and restores. This is how Apple gains control on limiting its users in updating and restoring from iTunes. Thus TinyUmbrella is helpful in handling SHSH signatures for iOS firmware restores by enabling iTunes to perform a restore.  

How to use TinyUmbrella?

Once you are done with downloading the TinyUmbrella application on your machine, launch it and connect your iOS device to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to Mac or Windows machine that you have the application installed. Make sure your device name is listed in the application and close all the popups that appear on the screen including iTunes.

how to save tinyumbrella ios shsh blobs


Now, follow the below procedure:

  1. Click on “Fetch OTA for <your device name>”.
  2. Once the fetching process is done, you can find the SHSH blobs saved on your machine with an extension of .shsh or you can directly find them by inputting keyboard keys “Command + Shift + G”.mac location of shsh blobs stored
  3. Now, tap on the device name again from the left panel and click on “Save SHSH” button to save SHSH blobs.
  4. You can find the SHSH blobs saved from “General” tab.
  5. To restore your device click on “Start TSS Server” button and it will navigate you through rest of the process.saved shsh files tiny umbrella os

TinyUmbrella Error Fixes:

You can find few errors while installing the software on your Mac/windows or while using the software to downgraded.


  1. If you are working on a Mac machine and if you come across any crash, open terminal and type “Terminal” and click on “Enter” button from keyboard.
  2. Now type the following commands:

$ sudo chmod – R u+rw

Followed by

$ sudo chown -R $USER

Re-install the TinyUmbrella after running these commands. This is how you can use TinyUmbrella app and restore or downgrade to older versions of iOS.