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Timer in iOS devices | How to set Timer in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Setting Timer in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

Do you have the habit of listening music while you go to bed? If you have turned on music on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch and drastically went to a sound sleep. But the music is running in the background continuously which reduces your battery life. In such cases, by choosing an option on the iOS device, stops the music playing after certain point of time. Are you eager to know what the option is is. It is the simple Timer option which helps you in such kinds of cases. For clear understanding check the below image and see how it works. As shown in below image start the player and set time soon after the given time ends it will pause the music player.

set Timer

Launch Clock on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch and tap on Timer icon. You can set it as you desire from the the tab. The first thing you need to do is set the time. Set the time when your music must stop playing and then tap on “When Time Ends” disclosure icon. Scroll to the bottom of “When Time Ends” page and choose Stop Playing option which is available at the bottom end. Tap on Set button and navigate back to previous tab. Then next thing you need to do to set Timer is, tapping on the Start button. When you do this the Time starts running and when the pre-set time finishes, the time stops playing the music files. You can also pause and resume the Time from this app. This is how you can set in order to save the battery life. Use this app and set time to get things done automatically. This automate tip make things go smoothly without your interaction.


Originally posted 2015-03-03 18:30:25.