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Threes game download, installation for Mac, iPad, iPhone | Play Threes


What is Threes game for Mac, iPad, iPhone and PC?

Threes is a kind of puzzle video game which is developed by Sirvo LLC. The Threes is the winner of Apple Design Award 2014 and Apple Game of the Year 2014 awards.  With a simple slide to left, right, top or bottom you can play the Threes game.  Move the titles in different directions and add the titles to get the sum of multiples of three.

The Game of Threes is compatible with the iOS devices having iOS 6.0 or later versions in-built in them. Threes game app is optimized for iPhone 5 and it is compatible with the devices like Apple’s iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

Download and Install Threes gaming app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad devices and Mac, PC:
You can enjoy the fun of playing the Threes game on any of the devices like iPhone, iPod touch, iPad by downloading and installing the app.  It is essential to register with a valid Apple ID on your devices before you begin the installation. Open App Store on your device and search for the Threes game app and tap on Get button. Now tap on the Install button to begin the installation progress. You can find Open button from the app details modal once the installation is done on your device.

Play Threes game

You can also download and install the Threes game app on the devices like PC or Mac by using a simulator. Install any of the simulators like BlueStacks or iPadian on your machine and from iTunes download and install the app on the simulator. You can even enjoy the game play online rather than installing the app on your machines.

How to play Threes game?

Threes game app for Mac PC

Threes is a kind of simple technique game which improves your thinking abilities. Launch the Threes game on your device and get started with the gameplay. You can also refer the game guide or instructions before you begin the game. You must that remember that when you slide the tiles it must yield a sum of multiples of three. For the first time it generates two numbers 2 and 1. Slide the tiles having the numbers 2 and 1 in order to make the sum of 3. Similarly add the titles 3 and 3 to get sum of 6 and further 9, 12 etc…  Follow the same steps until the game is over.  A final score will be shown on the Game Center challenges and you can compare it with the other people based on the number of moves, high score etc…

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