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Text Message that causing iPhone Crash and fix for iPhone Crash text

Fix iPhone Crash Text Message

iPhone Crash Text Message:

iPhone is now facing a crash issue by receiving a special text message. Do you know, what exactly that text message contains? Why iPhone is Crashing on receiving the text? How to fix iPhone Crash Text issue? Here you can find all the answers here. iPhone Crash Text message contains two English words, few Arabic characters which are meaningless and a Japanese character. The iPhone Crash text that was written in three languages will cause this crash.

The iPhone Crash Text is here 😉 . . .


لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

Fix iPhone Crash Text Message

Apple also working on finding the reason for this iPhone Crash. Even they don’t know why exactly this crash is happening. Apple’s assumption on this crash issue is that the iPhone Crash text contains few Unicode characters which are not understandable by iPhone iMessage service. This is causing the Crash when you want to open the message from iMessage app.

How the iPhone Crash text is happening?

This crash issue is happening when you receive the Crash text either from iOS device or Android or any other device. When you try to open the text message from iMessages then the device will start rebooting without your interaction and permission. The rebooting process will takes place after showing a black screen with apple logo for 15 seconds. And this will repeat when you try to open iMessages app without deleting the text conversation that causing the crash. This will happen irrespective of the iOS version that you are using.

Fixing iPhone Text Message Crash issue:

It is very necessary to fix Text Message iPhone Crash issue. If you continuously receives the same message, It will crashes multiple times and it will be annoying. So you have to find a fix for it, Apple also working hardly to find the fix for this crash issue. A temporary fix for this issue is available here. You can not delete the conversation from iMessages app because when you try to open the iMessages then the app will crash. So only way to fix iPhone Crash text message issue is to open the Photos App to send text message and then delete the conversation from that app only but not from the iMessages app. This is only the fix that can avoid the crash for temporary, If you receive the iPhone Crash text message again then you need to repeat this process again.

Also you can protect your device from this issue by turning off the text preview at System Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Previews.

Hope Apple will find the fix for iPhone Crash Text and will announce the fix soon. This is not a planned or intentionally created bug. It is just happened accidentally.


Originally posted 2015-05-28 11:55:38.