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Task Manger for Mac OS device | How Activity Monitor works on Mac OS X


What is Activity Monitor meant for?

An Activity Monitor is a kind of system monitor which performs or possesses the activities or functionalities of a task manager for the OSX operating system. It is used to analyze the computer CPU load and also checks the amount of memory accessed randomly or which is currently in use. It includes functionalities such as killing or quitting a computer process that are reducing the computer performance. A machine possessing the OS X operating system is capable of monitoring not only the same machine but even it is capable of monitoring an iOS device which is connected to the machine. Let’s see in detail how this can be done.

activity monitor

How Activity Monitor Works?
Choose the device/Mac machine on which you need to monitor the activities and connect it to the Mac machine. The Xcode available in the Mac machine is designed in such a way that it is capable of analyzing the activities, allocations, dispatch etc… If you need to monitor the activities in an iOS device, just connect the device to Mac machine through a USB cable. And, launch Xcode on the machine and in order to view the list of options that are available click on the Xcode icon. Click or hover on the Open Developer Tool option, among the Xcode menu options. Now you can find few options that, from where you need to choose Instruments. Click on Instruments option and navigate to Instruments window.

activity monitor usage

Now select the Activity Monitor option and click on Choose button from the Instruments window. Here by default the Mac machine is selected from the Instruments window. If you want to analyze the machine’s activities continue with that or else click on the Active Devices option to select the device. If there is no device connected, then the Active Devices option shows you the list of simulators that are available. This is how you switch between device and the machine.

Activity Monitor working on mac

After choosing the device or machine environment click on the Record icon which is indicated with red color to begin the monitoring status. You can pause the recording anytime with a single click on the pause icon which can be identified with two parallel lines. Once the activity monitor begins analyzing the load it shows the user load, total load and system load consequently. If it is done with monitoring all the loads you can save the results for further reference. You can even share this results file with other people also. This is how an Activity Monitor is helpful in monitoring the performance of an iOS device or a machine with OSX operating system.


Originally posted 2015-04-08 21:54:54.