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Switching to Apple from Unix/ Linux | Steps to use Linux as Apple Mac

Switching to Apple Mac OS X from Unix or Linux

Switching to Apple Mac OS X:

First of all lets know that why we are switching to Apple from other operating systems. There are some situations that you must have to use Mac OS. Those situations may be platform dependency of a particular software or unfavor with other operating systems than Mac etc. If yu don’t want to use any platform than Mac OS then you must have to know how we are switching to Mac from other platforms. It is helpful if you don’t have mac along with you and you need to work on a mac OS. In present article lets learn ‘Switching to Apple/ Mac OS from Unix/ Linux‘. This is very simple way of switching to Apple from Unix/ Linux.

Switching to Apple/ Mac from Unix/ Linux:

Follow the below simple steps to switch Unix/ Linux to Apple/ Mac (Steps to use Linux as Apple Mac OS). In this migration from Unix to Apple, whatever the programs available in Unix are only available in Apple also.

Switching to Apple Mac OS X from Unix or Linux

  • If you want to use Shell prompt then navigate the driver location to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
  • Pre-Lion OS X is one of the environment to access OS X. For this Xcode provides all the Apple’s development tools. You can get this Xcode from Installation disc or from App store aswell. This Lion’s Xcode provides Unix with the GNU Compiler Tool Chain, GCC.
  • There are so many Unix/ Linux package managers for OS X, but Macports is one of the best package managers available. To erase all Unix softwares use below sudo code
    sudo port install away
  • To install the Latex version on Apple OS X using Macports by the sudo code
    sudo port install texlive
  • If you are a Vim user then use MacVim.
  • If you are an emacs user then use Aquamacs emacs for user interface of emacs console version, whereas emacs console verion is already installed.
  • Use TextMate for Mac user text editor.
  • Whereas Mac keyboard is different with others, to easying the confusion with CTRL and CAPS LOCK, remap the keys using Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier keys

This is the way you can simply achieve switching to Apple/ Mac OS X from Unix/ Linux.


Originally posted 2015-05-25 17:54:33.