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Super Smash Bros on a non jailbroken iOS device – iSSB

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How to install Super Smash Bros on a non jailbroken iOS device-iSSB

Super Smash Bros is a series of crossover fighting games published by the world famous video game developers Nintendo Co., Ltd. The primary features characters in this gameplay arise from the franchises established on its own systems. This gameplay objective differs from that of traditional fighters by knocking opponents off of the stage rather than depleting life bars. It is an interesting game for the ones who love action category of games and can have the fun of fighting with others in the gameplay.

But the disappointing thing about this gameplay is, it is not directly from App Store. We do generally jailbreak our devices to install any games or apps that were not available on App Store. But few people may not prefer to jailbreak their devices. For the ones who do not want to jailbreak their devices but desires to install the Super Smash Bros game on their iOS devices, here we have a solution.

super smash bros non jailbreak

How to install Super Smash Bros on a non jailbroken iOS device?

Follow the below steps to install Super Smash Bros on a non jailbroken iOS device-iPhone or iPad:

  • Launch Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to “” URL.  
  • Once the page gets completely loaded, tap on “Apps” tab
  • Scroll over the page until you find “iSSB-A Super Smash Bros Game”, tap on iSSB app and when it’s window appears tap on “Download Page”

iSSB emulator

  • Now it navigates you to the Mobile Super Smash Bros version page. Slightly, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on iSSB app again.
  • Now you will find “Install” button appearing on the window. Tap on “Install” to begin installation of the app.
  • After few minutes the Super Smash Bros gets installed on your iPhone or iPad, it takes more time compared to other applications on iEmulators.

How to begin playing Super Smash Bros on iPhone or iPad?

Once the iSSB-Super Smash Bros gets installed on your iOS device, you need to add profiles from Settings to launch the application. Navigate to Settings on your iOS device, go to General-> Profiles & General Management and scroll over the profiles to see the iSSB. Tap on “Trust” application and now launch the application. If you do not trust the profiles, you will “Untrusted Enterprise Edition” alert when you attempt to launch the app.

Once you launch the app, you will find it in landscape view and choose the preferred settings you need to make to begin the gameplay. Now, start choosing the characters and begin the gameplay. Enjoy the fun of playing the iSSB game.+