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SugarSync download for Mac PC | Install, Use SugarSync on iPad, iPhone


What is SugarSync for Mac PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

Do you want to backup your files or folders which contain photos, documents, music and video etc… and access them from any where? This can be done with the help of SugarSync. It not only backups or provides access to your data, it even syncs the data and can also be shared with your friends or family members.  Sync the data files on one device and access them in other. The device may be either a computer or mobile device. You can also share the data with broad range of audience by sharing a public link with them. People who have received this link can access the data from anywhere. You can even share the data privately with a selected list of people and the person who has received this link can also access it.  There are lot many uses with SugarSync.

The Sugar Sync app requires iOS 7.0 or later versions installed on any of the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch also being well optimized for iPhone 5.

Download and Install SugarSync app on Windows PC, iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod touch:
You can download and install the latest version of SugarSync on Mac or Windows PC by clicking on SugarSync link URL. Choose the desired platform and by following the instructions perform the installation process.

You can also download and install the latest version of Sugar Sync app on any iOS device by installing it from App Store. It is similar to the regular downloading process. Hit the app from the search results by launching App Store on your device and by using a valid Apple ID install the app.

How to use SugarSync app?

SugarSync app download for Mac PC iPhone iPad

Launch the application and create your own user profile. Now create desired folders and upload files into them. You can upload any kind of files into the folders and can view can them at any time. You can even share those files by tapping on the share icon in the image viewer of the file. Create few Offline folders for offline reading. As said, we can create Public links by moving the required files to Public Links folder and share the link with your friends. You can view all the files which were shared by you from the Shared by Me tab and upload the images to the Photos folder. Modify the settings of your account by tapping on Settings icon. The photos and videos which are in the camera roll get automatically backed up into the app. You can easily search for the files or folders in your account with the cloud Search from any device.  This is how; it helps you a lot by displaying the information whenever required.


Originally posted 2015-02-14 22:52:40.