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Split Screen Multitasking on iPad, the name itself specifies that performing multiple tasks at a time. Whereas, Split Screen indicates that dividing the available screen into partitions to view them at a time.  Now let us combine the two terms, i.e., Split-Screen and Multi-tasking to have the effective weight for the phrase Split-Screen Multitasking.

Split Screen on iPad and Split Screen on iPhone:

Split-Screen Multitasking helps the user to view multiple screens (say, mail, calendar, etc…) at a time on a single screen by portioning the available screen space. Use iPad LCD Screen protector to protect the screen from damages. Hurry, it is just $3.39 at Amazon. Protect iPad screen by paying less amount than paying a huge amount to repair it after damage.

How to work with Split Screen Multi-tasking on iPad, iPhone?

Split screen on iPad

Now, the Split-Screen Multitasking is available on iPad along with the iOS 8 features. To enjoy this feature, you must upgrade to iOS 8. Download and install iOS 8 from the Settings page of your iPad or by using iTunes.

Coming to the Split-Screen Multitasking, it is one of the great features among the top features of iOS 8. You can do this also on iPhone using a jailbroken iPhone. This method allows iPhone device to split screen multitasking on browsers, airplay, etc.

Split screen on iPhone

Steps to use Split Screen Multi-Tasking:

Let’ see how the Split-Screen Multitasking in iPad works.  The first step is to turn on your iPad and then to select an application. For example, let’s open

  • Initiate an app on iPad.
  • For example, let’s open Mail in iPad.
  • Next press the Home button twice after opening the Mail app on your iPad.
  • There you can find a ‘+’ button at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the ‘+’ button and choose any other app from the available apps that are displayed.
  • Suppose, if you select Calendar app, the screen gets divided into two portions.

The available space gets divided, and in one portion the Calendar will be shown, and in the other portion, Mail will be shown.

Adjusting iPad Split Screen’s Portions:

You can change the portion sizes by dragging the partition line left or right. If you drag left, the first portion screen size gets decreased, and more space allocated to the other portion.

And, if you drag right, the first portion screen size gets increased, and less space allocated to the other portion. So, by adding the apps, you can perform Split-Screen Multitasking in iPad.

Ending/ Removing iPad Split Screen option:

At any time you can even remove the split screen again by tapping the Home button twice. When you tap the Home button twice, an Edit button will be shown on the top of the screen of iPad. You can add any other screen or perform any changes by tapping on Edit button.

And also, you can remove the split screen by swiping over any of the screen added to the split screen. By following these steps, you can either add or remove split-screen in iPad.

Advantages of iPad Split Screen option:

Splitting an iPad screen provides many benefits. It’s a convenient option for iPad users to split the iPad screen into multiple parts. Users can allocate an app per a portion. Easy to assign apps side by side and to compare multiple apps at the same time.

MultiTasking is another advantage of having this Split Screen option. Any iPad user can work on multiple applications at the same time. Easy to switch between the apps to work on multiple tasks.

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