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split screen multitasking functionality on iPad’s and iPhone’s iOS 9

Split screen on iOS 9

Apple’s new split screen multitasking functionality as part of iOS 9 features:

So, far we have experienced the split screen multitasking functionality on android and windows tablet devices. In order to make your Apple devices features effectively, Apple has come up with the new iOS 9 features.  One of the marvelous features among iOS 9 features is split screen multitasking functionality. Let’s have a glance of this feature.

How to work with split screen multitasking functionality on iOS 9 iPad?

So far the split screen multitasking was available only with the iPad devices and this feature was majorly observed on iPad Air 2. Here we have three aspects with respect to the multitasking feature namely Picture in Picture, Slide Over and Split View. Let’s discuss each and every aspect in detail.  Firstly the Picture in Picture, here you can minimize the video, images or FaceTime to a corner of the iPad screen and can continue working on applications by watching the videos or Face Time calls.

Coming to the Slider Over feature, while working on any application just slide over the current application to the left. Now you will be switched to Split View functionality. Here after, you can launch any other application and continue working on it with the multitasking feature. Here, the second application window occupies around one third of the iPad screen. And also you can work on any other applications which pop over in the Notifications. Slide down from the top to view the current notifications like Incoming call, Email, Messages etc… and can open them in the second window and can enjoy the feature of multitasking. With this the two aspects Slider Over and Split View can be covered.

Split screen on iOS 9

You can even adjust the Split Screen view so that both the applications which are running parallel and independent of each other can occupy equal half of the screen and can run their associated tasks without causing any delay or effect. As of now this split screen multitasking was observed only with the Apple applications and was yet to be developed for the other third party applications. And the Apple devices that support the slide over functionality are iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Whereas the Split Screen functionality was limited only to iPad Air 2. This is how you can work with split screen multitasking functionality on iOS 9 iPad.


Originally posted 2015-07-18 17:08:59.