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SNAP ME UP new alarm app forces you to take selfie to turn off alarm

snap me up iphone app iOS app

What is SNAP ME UP Alarm app?

There are so many apps on alarm and many of these apps give you two options (Snooze or Dismiss) to turn off alarm. By Snoozing the alarm will be turned off for 5 to 10 minutes and by dismissing the alarm it turns off the alarm. These alarm options may not wake you up. You may fall in sleep soon after dismissing the alarm. You can dismiss the alarm with semi-conscious, so you may not wake up in-time. To overcome this, there are few alarms come up with new idea of puzzling to turn off alarm. You need to solve a puzzle to turn off alarm. But every one can’t solve puzzles, so SNAP ME UP came up with a new thought of taking selfie. SNAP ME UP is turns off alarm by taking proper selfie.

Download and Install Snap me up app on iPhone, iPad and Mac PC?

As of now there are no app version for iOS, but you can install Android apps on iOS devices. To run Android apps on iOS you need to install an app on iOS device that is Alien Dalvik. Also you can install Snap Me Up app on Mac PC using Android Player o Mac.

How to use SNAP ME UP alarm app?

snap me up iphone app iOS app

Using SNAP ME UP app is very simple like all other alarm apps. Setting alarm and changing timer all are similar to the previous alarm apps but turning off the alarm sound is some what different. This app forces you to take a selfie to turn off alarm sound. Set Camera face to back or front to take a selfie. This app can detect the face in your selfie and based on the quality of the selfie the alarm will be turned off. The selfie should not be blur or eyes closed. If your selfie is not good then the app will not turn off the alarm, You can’t cheat this app because this app is very good at detecting and analyzing the selfie. You are taking your selfie means that you have already opened your eyes and you are in semi sleep, so this app will help you in waking up with alarm. All your selfies are saved in the folder ‘My sleepy snaps’ folder in the device.


Originally posted 2015-05-13 23:49:01.