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Skype download for Mac PC | Skype installation on iPhone, iPad and Mac

skype for mac

What is Skype meant for?

Till now we have seen many social networking apps, Skype is one of the best one which most of the people use. Skype is a social networking app which helps to converse with people through chat conversations, call and even video call. It helps you to converse with your friends or family members in personal or in groups. Let’s see more features that are available with this app.

Compatibility of Skype app:

Skype app which was developed by the Skype Communications s.a.r.l is optimized well for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. It is compatible with the devices like iPad, iPod touch and iPhone which has iOS 7.0 or later versions of operating systems installed on them. Make sure that your device is compatible before you install the app.

Download and Install Skype for iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod touch.

As the Skype is available on iTunes Store you can directly download and install the app for free on Mac machine with a valid Apple ID.

It’s too easy to download and install the app for free on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Launch App store on your device and search for app. Hit the app from the search results and tap on the Get button to install the app by using a valid Apple ID. The app gets installed on your device after few minutes.

How to use Skype app?

Launch the app on your device and enter your details to create your profile. Use the credentials to login and navigate to the home screen of the app. The circular icon below your profile picture denotes your availability i.e., your current status like whether you are Online, Do Not Disturb, Offline, Away and Invisible. Add a contact by searching for the person from the search bar to your contacts list. Tap on the Contacts field to view the list of contacts that are added in your account and can also view the recent contacts with whom you have conversed most recently by tapping on the Recent Contacts field. Manage your account i.e., change your profile settings by tapping on your name from the home screen. View the recent updates by tapping on the Home icon.

Skype on iPhone

There are lot many features available with the app. Tap on the person name with whom you want to start conversation. And, from the selected person chat screen, tap on the + circular people icon to add people as a group and start conversing with all of them. Tap on Call icon to begin a voice call with in a group or individual person chat screen. Tap on the Video icon to begin the video calling with people and make sure that webcam is available in order to begin a video call. Subscribe to any of the subscription offers to call to the person’s contact number and in order to enjoy much more benefits available with this app.


Originally posted 2015-03-26 19:34:28.