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Simple tricks to invert colors on Mac screen

mac invert colors

Inverting colors on Mac screen:

Are you running on a Mac machine and worried about how to invert colors on Mac screen? Here we provide simple techniques for you to invert colors of the screen.
Click on ‘System Preferences” icon and launch the preferences window. Choose the Keyboard settings option and navigate to the Keyboard window. Click on “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab from the window. And then click on the “Accessibility” option and scroll down until you find Invert colors option. Check the option and close the window.

invert ing colors
When you choose the option, you can find a shortcut behind it. The shortcut that can be used to check this feature is Control+Command+Option+8 press and hold all these buttons all at once and check how this works.


Originally posted 2015-04-25 14:05:23.