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Shrink Trap August 2017 Update Ticker Arrived

Shrink Trap August 2017 Update Ticker

Clash of Clans Shrink Trap Arrived, and this is the official Update Ticker of the August 2017. We know that there are many Clash of Clans lovers who are playing the game on their iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. These tips are exclusively for the iOS device users.

Go through the complete article to grab the powerful and useful information on the August update of the Clans. In this update, many tips got included and used to win the levels.

Clash of Clans Updates by Supercell

Before going to know more information on Clash of Clans Updates, for the beginners who haven’t gone through information on Clash of Clans ever, here we have some information for you. It is a strategy based video game built for mobile platform by Supercell. It was initially developed for iOS platform in 2012 and later also extended its features to Android platform in 2013.  

The Clash of Clans is a fantasy-themed game in a persistent world, the name itself suggests it is a kind of war between a close-knit group of interrelated families. The player who is playing the game acts a chief of a village, and the motto of the game-play is the tasks players should build their village by making use of the resources gained by attacking the other players who are attacking in return by using the game’s fighting features.

The resources which will be available are the elixir, dark elixir, and gold. Here, the players can also combine to create clans of about fifty people who participate in the clan wars.    

Rumours on Clash of Clans Updates

We knew that the latest version of Clash of Clans released in June 2017. And, everyone is waiting for a new Clash of Clans Update. Hopefully, this release is expected to be in August and this version of the gameplay named as Builder Left. Rumours are spreading around on the Clash of Clans Updates, and this time everyone is expecting more number of surprises and changes in it.

We know that the builder’s constructs houses and other infrastructure for the people around. But due to the entry of strange giant creatures into their village, they started crashing the buildings and infrastructure built by the builders.

Being irritated with these wild giant creatures, the Builders decides to leave the village by selling off their land. It is the trailer of the game show, and moving towards first rest over a game play; the gameplay story moves towards how builders left the village and the twist in the story of the game play.

The irritated builders after leaving the village think of the strategies in taking revenge over the giant creatures and making efficient use of the tools and weapons available to make war over the giant creatures. The Builders together forms troops and takes revenge over the Giants with their intelligence and teamwork.

Clash of Clans August 2017 Update

Supercell has designed the gameplay in such a way that this time we’re going to have a lot of fun and inbuilt surprises while making a war over the Giants. Based on your gameplay, you are going to get some secret weapons to kill the giants and get back to the village.

The overall narration of the game is how the giants irritated the builders, and how the Builders make a war over them to get back the village by using tricks and techniques. It is all about the Clash of Clans Update and let’s see this fantastic version on our mobile phones sooner this month.

Shrink Trap Event Started (August 18th, 2017)

The latest update of Clash of Clans The Shrink Trap arrived. It is available in Clans market, and you can buy it for 12500 Gold. It will shrink all the troops by triggering the event and deducts the DPS, Hitpoints, and Speed of the troops.

When it is triggered, the Shrink Trap will reduce the power of troops with in the radius of the trigger. The effect of this damage is huge and also available in Clans wars. So, update your war base and place the traps at correct positions.

You will also find a Witch becomes the builder of your Clan. It will not take care of the Hut if it gets destroyed.

Giants Building A Suprise Event (August 11th, 2017)

Giants surprise events in Clans

There will be Giant in every Builder Hut, and it secures the Hut from damages and rebuilds it when it gets destroyed. It is the annoying event since the Giants retargets the troops and problematic during the attacks.

Battle Ram Tips (August 4th, 2017)

It is useful at Town Hall 11 event, and the Battle Ram game gives you more than 250 gems. These gems are useful for further steps. Battle Ram event’s battles are tough to win. You need to win all the battles of this event to grab the Gems.

Battle Ram usage in Clans

Spamming all the Battle Rams of Clans will not give above 20% when you are in Town Hall 9 or more. Because it just likes Spamming Barbarians.

You just need to use it as addition to the existing standard army, and you need to you just five them.