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Set Accessibility on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad | Accessibility Settings

accessibility settings

How to adjust iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone Accessibility Settings:

I think most of you guys are using iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Did you ever look into the Accessibility Settings of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? Now let’s have an insight of these Accessibility Settings. In order to provide different ways of access of the iOS device screen for an end user we use these Accessibility Settings.  Tap on the Settings icon on your home screen, to navigate to the Settings page. Now, tap on General and navigate to General Settings page. From the General Settings page, you can find the Accessibility disclosure button. Tap on the Accessibility disclosure button (>) to view various Accessibility options.
These are the list of options available under Accessibility:

accessibility settings

When you turn on the VoiceOver, you will hear a voice saying the buttons which you have tapped etc… Tap on the disclosure button (>) beside VoiceOver to change the settings of voice over. Turn on the toggle button to enable this feature. Immediately when you turn on this the voice starts demonstrating the commands. Double tap on the toggle button of VoiceOver to disable this feature. Here, you can also adjust the Speaking Rate, Speaking Hints, Pitch Change, Sound Effects, Speech, Braille, Rotor, Typing Style, Phonetic Feedback, Speak notification, Navigate Images and Large cursors.

Turn on the Zoom toggle button to enable zoom view. You can zoom in and zoom out by turning on the toggle button. Double tap with your three fingers, to zoom the view. In order to move around the screen, drag our three fingers. You can change the zoom view by double tapping your three fingers and dragging over the screen.

Invert Colors:
Turn on the Invert Colors have different colors in your screen view. View your screen in color view.

Turn on the GrayScale button to have grayscale view of your screen. You can hide the background of notifications panel by using grayscale mode.

By turning on the Speech toggle buttons, whenever you select a text, speak button appears for you.

Assistive Touch:
Tap beside Assistive Touch toggle button, which provides a key that replaces home button. By using the Assistive Touch you can enable secret floating radial menu. You can drag this radial menu; you can drag it anywhere on screen. You can view several options by tapping on this radial menu icon. This radical menu icon will be visible to the user as a circular icon on the screen. Know more about Assistive Touch, by linking on this link Assistive Touch Detailed View.

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