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Screen Sharing free| iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone Screen Sharing on Mac PC

Screen Share software

How to share iPad, iPod touch or iPhone screen sharing to PC or Mac?
Screen Sharing Software for iPad, iPod touch or iPhone:

Till now we have seen few paid and free software’s for screen sharing, but most of them uses internet to share the screen. Recently, a new screen sharing software called iTools has been released to share the screen of iPad, iPod touch or iPhone to PC or Mac. This software doesn’t use Internet for screen sharing and it is also available for free. It’s so simple to work with iTools. Let’s see how to share iPad, iPod touch or iPhone screen with iTools to PC or Mac.

Download and Install iTools screen sharing software:

iTools Screen Share

Open browser on your Pc or Mac and click on the following download iTools screen sharing software URL. Download the iTools setup file and double click on the iTools0520E.exe to begin the installation process. Now, Preparing to Install window appears on the screen. Also, a pop- window appears on the screen asking you to Accept the Terms and Conditions, click on Accept button. Now the software download begins and its status will be shown on the window. Once, the screen sharing software is completely downloaded, you can find Open and Later buttons on the window. Click on Open button to navigate to the location of the zip file. The iTools.exe application will be stored inside a zip file. Extract the zip file to retrieve the iTools application.

iPhone screen share

Double click on the iTunes.exe file (iTools exe) to launch the iTools application.  If no device is connected to the PC or Mac, then you will be asked to connect a device. Now, connect iPad, iPod touch or iPhone to Pc or Mac using USB cable.  Auto-update of the software is done, which is compatible even with iPhone 6 and iPhone plus. Allow the software to perform changes on your Pc or Mac. Once the downloading of the software for latest devices is done, you can find your device under devices list. Be careful, you should not click on the click on the arrow beside the device name. If you click on the arrow the device gets disconnected.

Screen sharing iPhone iPad iPod Touch Mac PC

Once the device is connected the device details will be shown in the home screen.  You can see all the details of iPad, iPod touch or iPhone in the iTools application. You can perform actions like renaming the device, Sync, retrieving crash logs and installing IPA files etc… using iTools application. The main feature that you can observe is screen sharing software. Click on the Desktop option from the list of options available below the device name. You can find all the icons on your iOS device when clicked on Icons options under Desktop.  Click on Live Desktop to observe the screen sharing software of iTools. All the actions performed on the iOS device can be directly and instantly shared to PC or Mac using the iTools screen sharing software. You can also take screenshots while performing actions using the iTools screen sharing software.


Originally posted 2014-12-04 16:14:45.