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Screen Protector for iWatch | Apple iWatch Screen Guard

iWatch Screen Protector

Is it essential to have a iWatch Screen Guard or iWatch Screen protector?

Have a got new iWatch and enjoying the beautiful features available with it. Each and every brand new feature is made to be visible on the small screen of iWatch right? How great to view all such features on a small screen. It is a kind of hurdle for the Apple developers for implementing all the new features into such a little one. In order to view each and every feature we need to mostly work only on the screen right? And, how about taking care of such a little screen?  We need to also bother about the hardware equipments along with the software’s available.

Coming to the screen of Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, they are of Sapphire glass and where as the Apple Watch Sport is made of Gorilla glass. These glasses are water resistant and are also less prone to cracks in case of droppings. This display already comes with a kind of screen protector which protects it against mild scratches and droppings. Apple developers have put lot of efforts while designing the screen of iWatch to protect the screen from getting damaged.

Even though we have a well designed glass screen protector, there are situations where your iWatch screen may get cracked. To avoid such kinds of breakages or cracks on iWatch Screen you need to add an additional screen protector for iWatch. There are few such kind of iWatch screen protectors which are available to us like Armor Suit Military Shield and Tech Armor etc… which are available around $8. But most of the iWatch screen protectors may not work properly. We need to collect reviews from different people about it before purchasing.

iWatch Screen Protector

The screen protectors are available at a size of 42mm and can be easily attached over the screen of iWatch. This protector covers the complete screen and in few cases these protectors were also not able to help out during droppings. It is a kind of safety pre-caution which we need to take care for our devices. And sometimes these screen protectors may also decrease the usability. It is always an added advantage to have a iWatch screen protector but before you purchase them check the usability factors and several other factors.


Originally posted 2015-07-12 19:58:04.