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Scary Maze game download and installation Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone

What is Scary Maze Game meant for?

Scary Maze game is an interesting and thrilling game where you can find the best ways which can be implemented in real life in reaching the destination. Here we have a source and destination. The way we adopt in reaching the destination from source by overcoming the obstacles is more important. It is simple to play as well as scaring. Let’s see more about the game.

Compatibility of Scary Maze Game with Apple iOS devices:

The Scary Maze Game being well optimized for iPhone 5 also supports the iOS devices like iPod touch, iPhone and iPad which are having iOS 7.0 or later versions of operating systems installed.

Download and Install Scary Maze Game on iPhone, Mac, iPad, Windows PC and iPod touch:

It’s so simple to download the app from App Store on any iOS device.  Launch App Store on your device and register with an Apple ID, if you do not register with the Apple ID previously. Now search for the app by tapping on the Search icon at the bottom icon bar. Enter the text ion the search bar and find the search results. Now hit the app name from the search results and navigate to App Details modal. From the App Details modal, tap on the Get button followed by Install button to download and install the app on your device for Free.

You can also download and install the app on Mac or Windows PC by installing a simulator like BlueStacks or iPadian where these simulators act like a real device on your machines. Install the simulators and follow the same procedure which you follow in installing the app from iTunes/App store on a real device. The app gets installed on the simulator environment and whenever you want to play the game you can simply launch the simulator on your machine and can enjoy playing the game.

How to play Scary Maze Game?

scary maze game

It’s not much difficult to play the game but you may get scared at a point of time while playing the game. Playing the game is very easy but you should be bold enough to view the scaring images at the middle of the game. Begin playing the game by tapping on the Start Game button after immediate launch of the gaming app. Now you will find levels of game. The very first levels are easy to play although the next levels may get you scared. Here you will be provided with a source and destination point (indicated by red color). Your task is to drag the circular ball from source to destination without hitting the walls and without raising your finger from the head of the ball. The path length from source to destination goes on increasing level by level and becomes difficult as levels goes on. Likewise you need to finish all the levels and at any point of time you may get surprises which make you scared or surprised. Enjoy playing with the game and see the surprises.


Originally posted 2015-03-18 22:08:14.