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Rumours spreading around about the release of iCar by Apple

Apple iCar

Apple’s new iCar | Rumours spreading around about the release of iCar by Apple

So far we have seen Apple in the Gadgets world. It has delivered some devices like iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Air2, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, etc. This series was limited only to the gadgets. But for the first time Apple is going to launch a new Car.

Rumours are spreading around about the release of iCar by Apple and this release idea not yet decided in the current year. It was a proposal from Steve Jobs and Apple developers has decided to release the Apple Car before his death. But due to some reasons, this version was postponed and again after a long time, the rumours are spreading again.

Apple car iCar

But for this time, the news may not become false. Apple has decided to release it anyhow and this Apple Car is going to resemble mostly as BMW car. This new project named as Titan as per the news posted in The Wall Street Journal. Several Apple Employees are working on the Titan project.

We can expect many features from this brand new Apple Car as Apple develops it and this electrical car is of sure worthful. The price of the car, release date and exact features not yet released exactly but we can expect most of the features similar to BMW. Hope this Titan project gains success and also lets seeApple in the automobiles market too. The iCar design may attract people like other Apple products doing. We are waiting for Apple iCar announcement, Apple Car Cost or iCar Price and Apple Car images to write more articles on Apple Car. You need to wait few two more years for Apple Car prebooking.

Is it a smartCar?
Apple smartphone manufacturer company is working on this car protocol. Is Apple wanted to give competition to Google or truly wanted to manufacture its own Car? already made its car which can drive on its own. Surely these two car models will become the smart version of the cars.

Originally posted 2015-08-27 21:34:34.