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Rotate video iPhone | How to turn a video on iPhone/ iPad/ iPodTouch

how to rotate a video on iphone, ipad

Rotate video iPhone features, How many times did you record a video using your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch? Do you know that you recorded the iPhone video in the desired direction? Many smartphone users used to record videos with their devices, but they don’t notice the direction of the mobile while they were recording videos. After recording and watching the video on iPhone, you may try to rotate video with rotate video iPhone apps.

The Rotate video iPhone app play a significant role in switching the video direction. For example, if you recorded a video in portrait mode and now you wanted to watch the video in Landscape mode. You can’t record the same video in both in portrait and landscape mode, so you have to make use of rotate video iPhone features to turn the video.

Why do you turn video on iPhone

Why do you rotate video on iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch? You want to turn the video on iPhone because you may not like watching a video in proper resolution. It is not comforting to see a portrait video in Landscape and vice versa. The resolution varies in the wrong direction, and the video was shown either in compressed format or stretched form. So the direction of the video is important to maintain while watching it.

Let us check how to rotate iPhone video using iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch iOS apps. Or you can use Mac PC software to Rotate a Video on an iOS device using Mac PC.

How to rotate a video on iPhone/ iPad/ iPodTouch?

To turn a video on iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, you need to use either apps or external PC software. If you use a Mac or PC software, you need to follow three steps

  • Copy iPhone video to Mac.
  • Convert the video or rotate video using Mac or PC software.
  • Re-copy video to iPhone.

PC apps to rotate video

  • Windows Live Video Maker.
  • Quick Time Pro paid app
  • Freemake video converter.
  • Filmora video editor etc.

Completing the process is risky. So better to use the Rotate Video iPhone apps from App Store using iTunes. iOS is not providing the rotate video iPhone functionality, so you must use Rotate video iPhone apps.

rotate video iPhone apps

So App Store has many apps to Rotate videos on iPad or iPod Touch or iPhone. You can download and install any iOS app on any iOS device to turn videos.

List of video rotation apps

List of video rotation apps for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are as below:

  1. Rotate video and Flip paid app ($0.99).
  2. Video Rotate Free.
  3. Video Slimmer paid app ($2.99).
  4. Video Swivel.
  5. Camera Plus Pro paid app ($1.99).
  6. Montaj app.
  7. Vintagio paid app ($0.99)
  8. Cute cut.
  9. Viva video.
  10. My Movie maker.
  11. iMovies for iPhone ($4.99).

Use iMovies to rotate a video on iPhone

iMovies for iPhone is a paid app for iOS devices to video edit functionality. Follow the steps to Rotate video using iMovies:

  1. Launch iMovies on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.
  2. Tap on Video button.
  3. Select a video from the list.
  4. Tap on Share from the bottom menu.iMovies bottom menu
  5. Tap on the option creates a movie.iMovie create movie option
  6. Rotate the video using two fingers having an inch of gap between two fingers.

    rotate video iPhoneusing fingers
  7. After setting required orientation tap on Done.
  8. Now again tap on Sharing button.
  9. Now select save video option to save it in the gallery.

    iMovies share and save video
  10. Select export size option from HD (1080p), HD (720p), Medium and Large.

    iMovie save video size options

Go to your device’s photo library and find the edited video in the gallery. It is how you can rotate a video on iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Rotate iPhone video using auto-rotate functionality?

Portrait to Landscape video rotation is simple with iOS auto-rotate feature. iOS is providing screen rotation feature to auto rotate iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch screen.

Follow these steps Rotate video iPhone screen with auto-rotate functionality:

  1. Swipe up the iPhone screen bottom to find the iOS settings quick access menu.

    iPhone settings quick access
  2. Tap on the last icon of the first row to turn on/off the auto-rotate lock. Turn off the auto-rotate lock to enable iPhone screen auto rotation.
  3. Now open gallery on iPhone.
  4. Tap on any video to play from the gallery.
  5. Turn the device horizontal and vertical as you want.
  6. You can observe that rotated video will work.

rotate iphone, ipad, ipod touch video on ios

But the feature doesn’t work if the video is completely up and down. You need to follow the steps to Rotate video using rotate video iPhone apps.

Originally posted 2016-05-24 01:01:55.