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Review on Apple iPhone X Problems


We all knew that Apple’s latest product iPhone X was already available into the market. But have you ever had a look on the latest iPhone X Review or iPhone X problems? Let’s look into them.

Apple iPhone X Review

iPhone X is available in the market in two different sizes 64 GB and 256 GB at a price of $999 and $1149. And, coming to the review of the latest iPhone it is designed with all new features. The Home button was removed from it such that the screen is extended to increase the display screen size.

It is also made as waterproof with IP67 waterproof rated and the FaceID feature is brought into the picture. You can experience FaceID recognition system on the latest iPhone X and this feature is amazing.

By just reading your face and retina with the infrared camera built on the device, it unlocks your device. This is a smart technology that brings up most exciting features. Besides that, the side button on the device replaces the usage of a Home button and it helps to unlock or lock your phone. Being built on the A11 Bionic chip, Six-core CPU, apple designed GPU and 3 GB RAM it provides you a faster experience.

iPhone X Gold Color

There are many other features available in it and the bad thing is that it is available in only one color so far, i.e., Silver and Apple is expected to release a golden iPhone X sooner as many people are eagerly waiting for the golden piece to be released into the market. But for every phone, there will be some problems associated with it. Now, let’s look into the problems of iPhone X.

iPhone X Problems

Coming to the iPhone X Problems, recently few customers reported the following problems with the latest iPhone. The major problem that few people reported is the unresponsive screens. Sometimes, when working on any application sudden the device or application hangs up and it stops responding until you make a force restart with the recent software upgrade on iPhone X.

Buzzy Noise & Payment issues on iPhone X

The other issues were the speakers were not clear and there is a buzzy noise in it and even sometimes the best feature that is delivered as part of the iPhone X is not working. Sometimes the device is not able to capture retina properly and is not able to unlock or authorize while making payments.

Overheated iPhone X Flash Disabled issue

Sometimes there will be a problem with Flashlight. When you switch on the flashlight for a long time or if you turn on the flashlight when the device seems to be heated, you will get a notification saying “Flash is Disabled“. You need to cool the overheated iPhone X device to turn on the Flash.


Battery Draining problem in iPhone X

Most of the smartphone users complain about the Battery life of their mobile devices. iPhone X is not an exemption of the Battery Drain issues. Few of the rogue apps will cause the Battery draining issue in iPhone X devices. To overcome these issue, either you need to uninstall the malicious apps or reset the device to its initial state. Use the Low Power Mode on iPhone X to increase the iPhone X Battery Life.


Image Burn problems on iPhone X OLED Screen

iPhone X screen is made with OLED, and the static images kept open on the OLED screen for a long time is causing the brightness increased to its maximum. This is how the Image Burn issue is occurring on iPhone X devices. Apple is saying it is a normal issue on OLED screens and nothing to do with it.

Could not activate iPhone  Setup problem

Few of the iPhone X users complaining that they are facing the iPhone X setup problems. They are unable to activate their phones and getting the message “Could not Activate iPhone“. To resolve this issue, try to activate the phone by connecting to the latest iTunes software. If the issue still persists, then reach Apple Support to get help in activating the device.


iPhone X Performance issues

Besides these, there are few minor issues with Performance, messenger etc. with the latest iPhone. But all these issues were observed very infrequently on the iPhone X based on the usage of the device and the type of application they are using. Every phone will have some problems with it when it is released into the market with the latest technologies so never miss to buy a new iPhone X.