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Retrieve error log from Safari browser on iPhone/ iPad | iOS error log

Apple iOS browser error logs

Retrieving error log from Safari browser of a website on iPhone:

It is very easy to capture error log on a browser on Windows or Mac machines. But have you ever thought of retrieving the log file of a required URL from Safari browser or any other browser on iPhone or iPad? It is one of the most commonly faced issue these days. Because the number of users using the mobile device were more when compared to the desktop or laptop users. Let’s get into the complete details of retrieving log file on iPhone.

iOS browser error logs

You cannot get the error log of a particular URL directly from the browser of an iOS device. For this you need to take the support of Mac machine. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac machine with the help of a USB cable. Now navigate to ‘Settings’ page on your iPhone and tap on ‘Safari’ cell. You will be now navigated to Safari settings page, where you need to select the ‘Advanced’ settings option. From the ‘Advanced’ settings page turn on the switch beside ‘Web Inspector’ option. Your iOS device is now ready for web inspection.

Now launch Safari browser on your iPhone and navigate to the required URL. Always make sure that “debug_js=true” statement is provided as part of the URL. Now launch Safari browser on Mac machine and choose ‘Develop’ option from the header options. Next, choose your device from the develop options available, if you didn’t find your device name close the Safari on Mac machine and re-open it. Sometimes, it make take time to display the device name under the options.

error log from iPhone, iPad safari

Now select the device name under the develop options and choose the current URL from the options available beside the device name (you can view the options when clicked on the arrow icon beside device name). When you choose the URL all the errors will be listed out in the Console window. This is how you can retrieve error log from Safari browser on iPhone. You can apply the same settings for other browsers too if required.


Originally posted 2015-12-25 19:04:35.