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Restart iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without Wake/ Sleep/ Power buttons

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How to restart iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without using Wake/ Sleep/ Power buttons?

I guess most of you have an iOS device in your hands. Am I right? The reason is that the latest Apple devices with its new features created a techno trend in the market.  With respect to the technological features, device hardware and the model it stood a high position. Even though a device is made with huge standards sometimes we may face problems with them. The reason may be continuous usage of the device or the third-party apps affecting your device or any other reason. At that moment, you may be irritated when some features don’t function properly, lets come to the point. Due to some reason or just for no reason you need to force restart iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  In such cases, you may generally restart iPhone the iOS device with Wake/ Sleep/ Power buttons right? Why to follow the same modal of restarting the device. Let’s think the negative scenario that is, what if these buttons doesn’t work properly?  We should have an alternative right? Here comes the alternate solution for the problem.

Restart iPhone iPad iPod touch iOS device

You can restart iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without using the Wake/ Sleep/ Power buttons from the Settings tab. Will explain you in-detail, how we can restart iPhone an iOS device from Settings page with the following steps.

Steps to restart iPhone an iOS device from Settings tab:

  • Launch Settings on your device and navigate to Settings page.
  • Tap on General Settings and navigate to General settings tab.
  • Tap on Accessibility disclosure (>) icon to view the accessibility settings available on your device with the respective to the iOS. The overall path to be followed in short is: Settings>General>Accessibility.
  • Now scroll over the Accessibility settings page until you find Bold Text toggle button.
  • Now turn on the Bold Text toggle button. A pop-up comes up when you turn on this toggle button with two options.
  • The pop-up with message “Applying this setting will restart iPhone” and with two options Continue and Cancel.
  • Tap on Continue button to restart  iPhone device.

Restart without power button iPhone, ipad

Once you tap on the Continue button your device get turned off and restarted after few seconds. This is how you can restart iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without using the Wake/Sleep buttons with the options available from Settings tab. Try it and see how it works.


Originally posted 2015-02-16 22:22:56.