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Remove iOS Software Update Download on iPhone/ iPad

How to remove existing Software Update Download from Apple iPhone/iPad?

When you download latest software update on your iPhone/iPad and forgot to install it, it keeps you annoying every morning with a pop-up to install the software. By mistake, if you have downloaded the software or you are planning to install the software later, and you want to get rid of the pop-up that is generated every morning, you can simply remove existing Software Update Download from Apple iPhone/iPad.

Let’s look into the procedure of “how to remove existing iOS Software Update Download from Apple iPhone/iPad?” In general, we only find “Download/Install Software” from “Software Update” option under “General” settings from the “Settings” application. But, we do not find the option to remove the downloaded software. We have a quick solution to do this in very few minutes. Follow the below steps to remove existing Software Update Download from Apple iPhone/iPad:

Step 1:

Launch “Settings” application on your Apple iPad/iPhone, and choose “General” settings.

revert ios update revert ios update

Step 2:

Now, from the “General” settings, tap on “Storage & iCloud Usage” and then choose “Manage Storage” option under “Storage & iCloud Usage” settings.

Step 3:

Scroll down the list populated and choose “iOS Software version” from the list of options.

Step 4:

Now, tap on “Delete Update” option from the options available. It will redirect to a confirmation pop-up that swipes up from the bottom of the screen.

delete software update iOS delete software update iOS

Step 5:

Tap on “Delete Update” button from the popup to confirm the deletion. And, if you desire to cancel the deletion process, tap on “Cancel” button.

Remove iOS software update Remove iOS software update

Now the downloaded software gets deleted from your iPhone or iPad when you confirm the deletion. This is how you can remove existing Software Update Download from Apple iPhone/iPad.

And, if you desire to download the software again, Launch “Settings” on iPhone or iPad and navigate to “General” settings. Now, switch to “Software Update” options and choose “Download Software” of the latest os. This will take a certain amount of time-based on your internet speed.

And, to install the software choose “Install Software” from “Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Install Software”. It takes few minutes to install the software on iPad or iPhone and to reflect the changes of latest features on your device.

This is how you can remove existing software, download a new software and install the downloaded software with simple steps. Now, handling all these tasks is very simple when we have a proper network connection to get this process done.