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Premier League of Stick Cricket for PC, Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket Premier League game:

Do you know what is Stick Cricket? Stick Sports Ltd is popular game developing group designed and developed a game called Stick Cricket. When you are getting bored or while you are waiting for someone then this game will make you feel time passed. Stick Sports also developed games for Tennis (Stick Tennis), Football (Stick Soccer) game. In Stick Cricket there are few more versions like Premier League, Partnership, Super Sixes and more versions.Stick Cricket game is of size 40 MB and it is available for free in app store.

Download and Install Stick Cricket game on PC, Windows and Mac:

Do you want to play Stick Cricket game on PC or Mac or Windows? There is now PC version for this game but don’t worry we have an alternate solution for this problem. By using BlueStacks or iPadian players you can access any android version of games on PC, Windows and Mac.

Stick Cricket Premier League for iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android devices:

Download the iOS version of Stick Cricket game from App Store and Android version of Stick Cricket game from Play Store. Install and enjoy playing this game on your smart devices.

How to play Stick Cricket Premier League game?

Don’t you know how to play Stick Cricket Premier League game? I will explain clearly that how to play Stick Cricket game. Premier League is a tournament is also known as SPL. In this tournament initially you need to choose tournament type that is either Australian premier league or Indian premier league. After selecting tournament type you are opted to select a team. Then create your captain. Then a basic team is assigned to you. After that you are prompted to ‘Begin Auction‘ step, There you need to buy potential players in auction. Initially you don’t have any money so you can’t buy any one but there will be one batsman who is bid rate $0, so you can hire him for free. Click Next to start a game in the league. Initially one team scores in between 90 to 230 runs in 10 overs. This is the target given to you any match.

Stick Cricket Premier League

Lets see how to play the game. This league is 10 overs session, so you need to chase the target in 10 overs only. Some times it is very difficult to chase the target of Stick Cricket. There are two buttons at the bottom. One button is to hit the ball to right side (off side) that is positioned at the bottom right corner, and another button is to hit the ball to left side that is positioned at bottom left corner. There are bowlers like ‘Angry fast bowlers‘, ‘In swing bowlers‘, ‘Out swing bowlers‘, ‘Medium pace bowlers‘, ‘Off break bowlers‘ and ‘Leg break bowlers‘. You need to be very careful while hitting the ball, THe timing and the directions are very important while hitting the ball. Perfect timing will bring you a boundary. If the bowler is fast bowler or Swing bowler then hit the ball by clicking the appropriate on-screen button immediately soon after the ball is pitched. If the bowler is medium pace bowler or Spin bowler then take a little time to hit the ball after it is pitched. Usually the ball is on to the wickets for the first ball in the over. So plan accordingly to play the ball in correct direction.Only timing and the direction are very important to hit boundaries.


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