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PlayDead’s LIMBO and free LIMBO DEMO game downloading and installation

Limbo free download

Limbo game is designed and developed by PlayDead. PlayDead game developer company located in Denmark and this company is specially established to develop the game Limbo. Now they are working on the game Inside. This game is not a free version; you need to buy this game. It costs approximately $5. But you can play the free version of this game also. The limited accessible version Limbo Demo is available for Android at play store, and Windows version, Mac version at their website.

PlayDead’s Limbo game

Limbo game is a very exciting game which got released in the year 2010. It is of size 103 MB which is a little bit high compared to other games. This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. This game requires iOS 6 or later versions. This game won 100+ awards till now.

Download Limbo from the app store and install on iPhone and iPad. Also, you can install Limbo on Mac, Windows, and PC using BlueStacks or iPadian.

What is Limbo or its free demo game?

Playing Limbo

It is a fascinating game. This game revolves around a boy rescuing his sister; he enters Limbo. Do you want to know how to play this game on our smartphone or tablet? Just use the touchscreen to play. I will let you know clearly that how to play this game.

First of all this game is played in Landscape mode only, and you can’t play this game in Portrait mode. You need to use your two thumbs while you are playing this game. This game is all about a boy’s adventurous journey. You will find a kid is moving in an adventurous land and on the way, he came across forest, mountains, and water, etc. He must pass by all those safely to reach the destination. The game is just an adventurous journey to get to the goal.

How to play Limbo

Use your left thumb to move and right thumb to jump. Tap and long press the screen left bottom side using the left thumb, and without lifting up the thumb, you need to slide the thumb forward or backward to move the boy forward or backward respectively. If you press and slide forward and keep holding with left thumb on the left bottom of the screen, then you find that the boy moves in the forward direction.

Now do the same but slide in backward direction then you can conclude that the kid is moving in the backward direction. That is how the boy moves in the forward or backward directions. In the path boy need to pass some holes and have to climb some rocks or objects, for this purpose, the boy has to jump in the air. To jump, use your right thumb and press and hold on right bottom side of the screen and then move the right thumb in forward and up direction. By moving the right thumb in

By moving the right thumb in the forward up direction on the right bottom of the screen, the boy will jump in the forward direction. This is how the boy climbs the objects or rocks, etc.

PlayDead's lmibo game free

Limbo game’s user interface is entirely in black and white colors. It ‘s hard to like colorless games, but your mindset will change after playing this game for 1 or 2 days. Takes time to love this game, once you addicted to this game you can’t uninstall this game.

Limo on MAC, Windows PC

Play the demo version of this game first for free and then decide to buy the game or not to buy. Mostly you love this game after playing two or three levels. It will take to be habitual to this game and to like the user interface of this game. We provided the download links for the demo version of this game for Windows, Mac, and Android. Use those links to play the demo game and buy if you are interested. Surely you will like this game because it’s already won 100+ of awards and a 4.5 rating game in app store.

There are excellent feedback and reviews on this game.So many magazines wrote on this game and gave superb feedback. It stood in top 10 games of so many magazines and won dozens of gaming awards.

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