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Overheated iPhone Battery fires house and led to Marek Kruger death

iPhone under fire threat

Overheated iPhone Battery led to Marek Kruger’s death, how?

Yes, as reports said an overheated iPhone battery took a man’s life overnight. The guy who died in this accident always used to put charging his iPhone 5 with an extension cable. And also, he puts the mobile on his sleeping bed by putting the charging. Then what is the problem and how he died?

iPhone under fire threat

So many do put charging their iPhone at the time we are leaving to bed, and will turn off the charging at the morning time. What exactly happened to 53 years aged Marek Kruger is, he put his iPhone 5 charging. He put charging his iPhone 5 with an extension cable and placed it on his bed while he is going to sleep. As reports revealed, due to the overheating problem with his iPhone 5 battery, the blanket under the phone is started burning. Due to this iPhone overheated battery, the house caught fire slowly. The guy was in deep sleep and didn’t notice this. Finally its lead to the death of the Marek.

overheated iPhone battery

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What did Mr. Kruger’s wife say?
Mr. Kruger’s wife Iryna Kruger gave a statement that he was on electric bed and suffering with the brain tumor from past two years. He lost weight and suffering with pain. A report by Dr. Fawaz Musa, a pathologist, revealed that 64 percent of Kruger’s body was burnt and majorly his face and upper chest parts.

Charging iPhone overheated on bed

Who declared Kruger’s death caused by overheated iPhone battery?
Bureau Veritas Lab‘s employee Jonathan Fuguet, who works for Fire and Rescue Service investigated and confirmed that the fire posed by the overheating of the iPhone battery. And Ravi Sidhu said that the death happened due to the smoke inhalation. And the smoke from the fire caused by the overheated iPhone battery.

By this way, an overheated iPhone battery led to the death of a middle-aged man Kruger.


Originally posted 2016-02-05 22:28:49.