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Notes app new features for Apple devices having iOS 9

Notes app iOS 9

New Features available in Notes app for devices having iOS 9

So far we have seen the basic view of Notes app, and now we are going to see the latest features that were added in the app with the release of iOS 9. Let’s see the features in detail one after the other.

How to work on the new features available with iOS 9 Notes app?

Creating Folders:

For the first time, with the release of iOS 9, Apple is going to introduce the folder creation. You can create folders with your desired names and organize the data in them accordingly. With this option it becomes easier for the users in viewing the Notes based on their interest or necessity.  Always the simplified UI makes the people use the app in an easier way. This helps the users a lot to gather the information as per the requirement and can sort them.

Adding Videos or Photos:

Earlier we can add up only text, but with the latest release you can even upload photos or videos for reference. You can associate photos and videos for each and every note with the camera icon which is available beside the text bar. You can also delete the attached ones at any time if you think those are not required.

Draw and attach your own sketches on Notes app:

You can not only attach the photos or videos, with the latest release of iOS 9 you can even draw your own sketches and attach them to the Notes. Draw sketches of your interest by adding colors to them and can also add few effects to the sketches.

Notes app iOS 9

Save Maps on Notes app:

While viewing Maps you can even save the information or links to your Notes.

Share Text to Notes:

If you are working or Safari or any other application and if you want to share any information you can share it to Notes app and can view it at any time.

Add Checklists on Notes app:

You can add text to your Notes and can also make them as checklists, so that whenever you easily check/un-check the checklists for your reference. For example, when you go out for shopping, you can use this Checklist option to tick out the items which you have purchased. The checklist option makes your daily tasks much easier.


With the iCloud Storage you can even sync the Notes across multiple devices and can use them with no difficulty.

With a lot of changes in the UI as well as functionality of Notes app, you can enjoy working on them.


Originally posted 2015-07-04 09:40:59.