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Pokemon Go Download for iPhone, iPad, Mac PC

Pokemon GO Download Free

Pokemon Go video game became the Dawn of the Nintendo’s new era. Why I called Pokemon Game 2016 as the dawn of Nintendo’s new era is the release of the Pokemon Game 2016 pushed the Nintendo’s Share (NTDOY) up by 25%.

Nintendo Pokemon Go

Nintendo designed and developed the video game for Pokemon and named it as Pokemon Go which recently released into the market. It led the Nintendo Share price into huge profits and put the company in the forward direction.

Pokemon is a Cartoon TV series of 1990’s. It attracted so many visitors at the time of 1990 and made them as Pokemon fans. So, no doubt that the Pokemon is a childhood memory of the 1990’s kids. Now, interestingly Nintendo modernized the Pokemon and designed a Pokemon Video Game for Pokemon Lovers.

Pokemon-go iOS iPhone game

Pokemon Go Download for iOS

Nintendo developed the game also for Mobile users. The game download links for an iOS device from App Store is Pokemon game 2016 download link. Within very few days the game became the no.1 app in the Apple App Store Game Chart.

Download/ Install Pokemon Go on iPhone/ iPad

You can either use App Store app of iOS device iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch or use iTunes to Download and Instal the Pokémon Go on iPhone/ iPad. Steps to install Pokemon game on iPhone, iPad iOS devices:

pokemon go game download PC Mac Windows iPhone iPad Android

Method 1: Install Pokemon Go using iTunes
  • Click and open the Pokémon Go Download Link, which uploaded into App Store by Niantic, Inc.
  • Please be patient until the game downloaded because the size of the game is a little bit high and around 110 Mb.
  • Open iTunes on your MAC or Windows PC.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC and iTunes.
  • Sync the Pokemon game into your iOS device iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.
Method 2: Install Pokemon Go using Appstore app
  • Open App Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for Pokémon Go.
  • Tap on the Free button to install the game on an iOS device.
  • Wait until the game downloaded and Installed in iPhone.
  • Tap on Game Launcher icon created on iPhone Home screen to start the game.
  • Now you can play the game.

download pokemon go iOS iPhone

Pokemon Go for Android

Follow the below steps to install Pokemon Go for Android devices:

  • Go to Play Store on PC Browser and open Pokemon Go Android.
  • Click on Install or open play store app in Android device.
  • Search for Pokemon Go.
  • Select the app which is uploaded by Naintic, Inc.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Now the will install on your Android device.

You can download Pokemon Go apk for Android from Google Play Store.

Pokemon Go for PC (Mac, Windows)

Video game players mostly like to play games on wider and big screens. At this moment how to play a video game dedicated to Mobile on PCs having Operating Systems Windows or Mac OS. It is possible to play Android mobile games on PCs using Bluestacks simulators on those MAC or Windows devices. But you should have GPS Navigator on your PC.

Pokemon Go game released for both Android and iOS. And you can play even iOS games on MAC or Windows using iPadian Simulator. iPadian Simulator enables you to play the iOS games on PC.

Also, you can download the game for Nintendo 3DS using the link Nintendo’s PokemonGo Nintendo 3DS download link.

Originally posted 2016-07-11 21:28:50.