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Night Shift Mode was now available on iPhone with the iOS 9.3 upgrade

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Get the Night Shift mode on iPhone and iPad with the iOS 9.3 upgrade:

We have one more new software update from Apple for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The next iOS release after iOS 9.2 is ready to be deployed. But before the iOS 9.3 official release, the iOS 9.3 beta was released out. This iOS version includes a unique feature deployed in it.

iOS 9.3 upgrade

The new feature that comes with the latest iOS update is Night Shift Mode.  It was not the feature which got deployed with iOS. It existed on different platforms from long ago. Apple has thought of this feature and for the first time on its iOS devices.

ios night shift mode

And, Apple made it possible with the latest iOS 9.3 update. In general, we will be only having the Blue Light of the screen which may affect the eyes during night times. To avoid such kind of problem and to bring a night effect, Apple has made the blue light to dim and has designed a Night Shift Mode. You can experience this feature with the latest iPhone update.

night shift mode of iOS 9 3

This Night Shift Mode gets auto-adjusted based on the current time and geo-location that people are residing. For this, you need to change your Time zone and location zone appropriately. During night hours (as per your preset time zone) the blue light gets dim and gets auto switched to the Night Shift Mode. With the latest iOS 9.3, you can experience this latest feature on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Apple is a brand to get new innovative features into the market. Apple always a step ahead then it’s competitors.

Originally posted 2016-03-22 21:46:40.