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New iOS 9 rumors on features, release for iPhone 6, iPhone 5/ 4, iPad

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New iOS 9 for iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6S/6C, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4S and iPad 1/2/3/4:

Apple is very busy on designing and developing the new iOS mobile operating system iOS 9. iOS9 is most awaiting operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Apple updates it’s iOS operating system every year to provide a new and fresh experience with user interface. This tactic of providing updates every year makes it’s users to be not bored with the same user interface. The present version of iOS to be released is iOS 9.

Apple’s new iOS 9 can be downloaded and installed from any of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch once it is released. So that you can install iOS 9 in any of iOS devices iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/ 5C/ 5S, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPad 1/2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod Touch. As rumors saying the iOS 9 and the iPhone 6C will hit the market in June, 2015 after announcing these at apple’s WWDC. The iPhone 7 release will not happen in this years WWDC. So iOS 9 will be released in this year’s WWDC and thaat is before the iPhone 7 releasing date. So expecting the next iPhone model iPhone 6C coming with iOS 9.

Rumors on iOS 9 features:

iOS 9 rumors release date features

Apple didn’t revealed the features those are going to be implemented in iOS 9. But the rumors are spreading the news of iOS 9 new features. As per the rumors, Apple is implementing the few significant features in iOS 9.

Smart Connect: Smart Connect feature in new iOS9 is used to connect your home network devices through bluetooth or wi fi. It enables you to access media from your bluetooth device. You can pair up your device with audio players, televisions, smart bulbs and many more through your home network. Also you can operate the connected devices by using your iPhone as a remote.

Siri improvisation: Siri is apple’s voice interactive application. This application is just like Android’s Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana applications. Apple is now working hardly to improve the performance and accuracy of the Siri in new iOS9 version.

iDroid applications: Apple also working to provide Simulator to emulate the applications of Android in iOS devices. This is just like providing Android environment on iOS device and you will get Android operating system’s experience on iPhone.

iFile Manager: Improving the file management system in iOS new version by providing the stream lining file sharing with similar systems.

Network switching using Push Services: Apple is using powerful push services to switch networks easily when network signal is poor. When there is poor 3G network then the new iOS will immediately switch it to 2G network. So there will be no delay in network signals and there will no interruption with poor networks.

iCloud services for free storage: In new iOS the iCloud syncing problems are resolved and now the iCloud services will be free for every iOS user. You can access iCloud storage for free and can directly upload the files from iOS device to iCloud storage.

In this new iOS the history of the settings you changed are logged and you can undo any any change once you don’t want the change. Also you can change the color of all buttons and action center by choosing a color in color look.

iOS 9 Release date rumors:

Every year Apple releases it’s new products and its services in their developer conference WWDC. This year also Apple is conducting WWDC in June, 2015. As per the rumors, Apple is going to release it’s new iOS at WWDC along with it’s new product iPhone 6C. So guys be ready to download iOS 9 for iPhone 5/5C/5S/6/4S, iPads and iPod Touch iOS devices.

Download iOS 9 beta version:

iOS 9 beta concept

If you don’t know how to download iOS 9 beta versions, follow the below steps

  • Register your iOS device‘s Unique Identification number UDID with Apple and activate the UDID to download the beta version.
  • Subscribe to iTunes and update iTunes if needed.
  • Create a backup of the device using iTunes.
  • Now download iOS 9 beta from Apple’s Developer’s portal or any other links that provides the iOS beta version downloads.
  • Click on Restore option in iTunes to upgrade the iPhone or iPad to beta version using Shift key in windows and alt or options key in Mac.
  • Now select the file .ipsw that you have already downloaded.
  • Wait until the installation finish.
  • Now restore the backup that you have already created.


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