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New Apple Spaceship building is The Apple Campus 2 plan in California

Apple Spaceship campus

Apple’s latest headquarters, nicknamed as Apple Spaceship building is going to be the large campus which has never established earlier:

Apple new headquarters, Apple’s campus two is going to build in California, which is three miles far away from Apple’s Cupertino. The new campus built over a circumference of one mile, and it might be completed by the end of this year. Once it thoroughly established, it can accommodate about 13,000 employees. This Apple Spaceship building will be running completely based on clean energy which is generated by renewable sources.

The Apple Spaceship building expected to design in a pentagon shape and the most interesting feature of it there are many thousands of panels which are of curved window panes.  The building was built up of concrete slabs which are of 60,000 pounds.

Apple Campus 2

The Apple’s campus 2 occupies a space of around 176 acres and 1.23 square feet glass weighing 7000 pounds used in the building construction.  We observe regular glass fitting over the buildings, but the specialty of Apple Spaceship building is it is completely built up of “curved glass” fitting. Sedak/Seele is the glass manufacturers of these glass materials to Apple, and they have designed the curved shape of glasses at the time of lamination process which makes the glass crystal clear.


The other specialty of Apple Spaceship building is its “concrete slabs”. These slabs of concrete designed in such a way that, these are large and have hollowed out in the middle such that the building is provided the capability to breathe itself, i.e., without any convention methods the building has the capability to provide ventilation on its own. Almost 70 engineers have worked hard in designed them to provide a cooling system in the building.

New apple campus apple spaceship building

As said earlier Apple’s Campus 2 will be completely running on renewable energy, and we can also experience natural ventilation by the concrete slabs which got placed in the building. Coming to the energy supplier, the primary energy provider is through solar energy.

Rooftop solar panels which got placed in the campus will generate 16 megawatts of power acts as the major energy supplier.  And, in addition to this power supply, an additional 4 megawatts of energy provided by biogas fuel cells which help to convert oxygen and hydrogen into the campus environment in the form of energy. From this renewable sources, Apple is expecting to three-fourth of power supply during its work hours.

A Huge number of plants and trees were planted around the campus to provide an eco-friendly environment so that it can control harmful gasses evolving and to increase the rate of oxygen on the campus. Once the Apple Spaceship building is ready, it comes to be one of the best building which maintains all standard to provide an eco-friendly environment.

Originally posted 2016-06-18 22:00:27.