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Mobile Assist Insurance for iPhone mobile to save from theft, damage

mobile insurance

Mobile Assist Insurance is a simple way to protect your data and to insure your mobiles

Now a day’s most of the people are having their own mobiles, it may either iOS or Android or etc. We can find a mobile in every one’s hand. And even few people are crazy about mobiles, if latest models of mobile are released into the market, people grabs it immediately into their hands. A mobile can store a lot of data, not only contacts, messages and pictures you can even store your confidential information, mails and personal data etc. It may be small in size but it stores huge data. Did you ever think that, what happens if you lost your mobile? Oh god! It’s very hard to even think. If you lose your mobile, our entire data will be lost and we even lose our investment on it. Okay, we just found a problem and what can be a solution for it. Don’t worry guys solution is just in your hands. You can protect your data and we can even recover our investment on it. You may get a question in your mind, how is it possible? It’s possible with Mobile Assist Insurance . Let’s check how Mobile Assist helps you in protecting your data that stored in your mobile and recovering the investment on it.

mobile insurance

Mobile Assist Insurance:

One Assist is an organization which has thought of providing a solution to the people who has lost their mobiles. Mobile Assist Insurance  is a solution which they have implemented. Using Mobile Assist Insurance you can protect your mobile from data loss, mobile theft or mobile damage. By making a single call you can lock your phone and you can block SIM. It is just like insuring your mobile. You have to purchase any of the three existing plans that Mobile Assist Insurance  provides to avail this privileges. Once you are done with purchasing any of these plans, they will maintain a backup of your data, makes a note of details such as IMEI number and SIM details. Using these details, they will even help in your tracking the mobile and to block your SIM if needed. You can also, retrieve few amounts for the mobile, using Mobile Assist depending on the plan that you have chosen. And, also the back of the data will be transferred to any other temporary handset and will handover to you at your door steps. If your mobile is damaged, even you can get service from Mobile Assist team.  You can get insurance for your mobile if it was theft or liquid damaged.  Not only, in case of theft or damages, you can protect your mobile from the virus attacks also.

mobile assist insurance

Let’s check the list of plans and their benefits that Mobile Assist Insurance provides:

Benefits Privilege + Plan Platinum Pro
Value Insure
Anti-virus and Anti-spam which is used to protect your mobile from virus attacks Yes Yes No
Browsing data protection from malicious websites and parent control Yes Yes No
Cashless repairs for the damage claims No Yes Yes
Docusafe – You will be provided with your own online locker to store all your personal and important documents Yes Yes Yes
Doorstep pick-up and drop service for the damage repairs No Yes Yes
Doorstep delivery of a temporary handset, if you lose your phone or even it is damaged On Theft Yes No
Expert assistance which guides you in all the features & functions of your phone Yes Yes No
Hassle-free and Cashless claiming process No Yes Yes
Handset Theft Insurance Coverage Up to $ 326 Up to $ 489 No
Insurance cover against Accidental and Liquid damage of mobile No Up to $ 489 Up to $ 163
Locate lost phone, raise an alarm and will get a SIM Change alert Yes Yes No
Lost SIM misuse Insurance of up to $ 49 Yes Yes Yes
One Call to block all your lost credit and debit cards Yes No No
One single call to lock your lost phone and block the SIM to avoid misuse of data Yes Yes Yes

This service is available in India only.

Originally posted 2014-11-07 07:33:18.